Is it against the GAG rules to post a question with the link of another question, and title it "Can you answer my question"?

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  • yes it will be removed for spam

    if you want more attention to your question, post an update and hope that someone sees it in the feed. or don't go anon and invite people

      Spam – If you include links or personal information for the sole purpose of advertisement or solicitation, your post will be removed. If the post is just advertisement or solicitation, it will be removed.
      - Questions/myTakes only asking for others to chat will be removed as Spam.

    • Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to know and more! I wanted to make sure I didn't break the rules or get my account deleted.

    • you won't get your account deleted because of something like this. Your question will get deleted and then your question slot will be blocked for 24 hrs, after that it's back to normal.

      to get your account deleted you need to break the rules all the time intentionally. The FAQ should cover the most important things

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  • I see it done many times.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i dont think so. but im not sure

  • Yes it's against the rules.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think it is, but do it anyway and see what happens. I'm curious :)

    • Um, no thank you. I'd rather not. Although if your curious you could try it. (I'm just kidding, please don't take that seriously.) someone said in an opinion, that the only thing that would happen is the post would be removed.

  • I saw many just doing that