Is anyone else annoyed by the ads on this site?

every new page a loud ad takes over whole screen and freezes for a sec. each new page I click on I have to x out 2 ads I think its pretty ridiculous and have reduced the amount of time I use this site because of it. anyone feel same?

  • the ads are over board
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  • There are a lot of ads, but I have Adblock, so that hid them until I got to level 7 Xper. At that point, they're hidden anyway.


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  • Reach level 7 and you won't see any.


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  • Hi! Ads are necessary to keep the GAG community free for everyone. I understand that some can be annoying or intrusive though. If there is an ad causing problems (such as causing your screen to freeze) please take a screenshot of the ad and send it to us so we can look into it and fix the problem. You can send screenshots to help@girlsaskguys. com.

    Other than that, there are things you can do for an ad-free experience. Reaching Xper level 7 will get rid of ads completely. Posting at least 20 opinions will give an ad-free experience for 24 hours. You can see this information in our FAQ as well. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Nope, I don't see ads on here.