Anyone else having issues with GAG messaging? The people I've followed for years, I'm no longer following as of yesterday! Can't reply to their msgs?

I can't get anyone through the help area to actually help me. Paris13, can you help?

@Paris13 you're one of the people that says I'm no longer following so I sent you another follow request. It currently says "pending." If you can see the request, click on accept (if you want to, LOL) so I know it's working at least for you!
Thank you everyone for your helpful solutions to my question. I heard from @Paris13 through a different message. she said she has decided to not take private messages from anyone through GAG anymore, only from people who have her email & cell number. I told her I couldn't find the email she gave me, although I wish I could! She was a good friend to me & I'll miss that. I'm not one of those people that ever likes to lose close Friends. Unfortunately I guess it has to happen for personal reasons.


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  • they probably have the "allow msgs from people you follow setting"

    • You're right they only accept messages from followers. However I've been following them and they've been following me for years. As a matter of fact they sent me a message and I went to reply but I can't now

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  • Interesting. The system does seem to be having glitches lately, and this might be one of them if you definitely didn't unfollow her.

    • Yes, I definitely didn't unfollow her because I hadn't even been on all weekend. But when I went on there was a message from her and I couldn't even respond to it. I hate to think my friends thinking I'm ignoring them when I can't reach them on here. I've actually made some nice friends through this website but my mistake was just using this site only to communicate kinda like texting.


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  • The private message issue is simply because you no longer follow her. If you didn't choose to unfollow all users then it was obviously a system issue and we are looking into it.

    • Glad you are looking into it! This isn't the first time this has happened. I'm about ready to leave this site. Yes, I no longer follow her... yet I never unfollowed her! For example, Im not following Paris13 anymore so I can't reach her to tell her what's going on. We've been friends for years. I sent another follow request... it just says pending.

    • Okay well I've reported the issue to our site developers so they can investigate and hopefully fix it soon. :)

    • Thank you!!

  • Perhaps because you unfollowed them. Check your settings, you might only allow personal messaes to people you follow.

    • I never pushed the unfollow button. Its people I consider friends that I've talked to for years and when I went to their profile it shows that I'm not following them it's so weird!! And yes their profiles say messages only received by followers and I have been following them for years. However I can't even respond to the messages they sent me because I was following them lol

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    • I hadn't been on all weekend to unfollow them. I just got back on yesterday and saw everything messed up. They only allow personal messages from followers and have a private profile, but we've been friends on here and following each other for years. Suddenly as of yesterday I'm no longer a follower and I can't even respond to the message they sent me originally.

    • Well I'd say there has been a problem with your account. Do you still follow anybody at all? Or is everything gone?

  • Nope mine are working fine

    • Ok thanks! I don't know how to reach my friends to tell them I'm not ignoring them or not wanting to be friends anymore. And I can't get any help from the website help area

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    • Yes, you're right. I would have hoped she would make sure I had the email again before ending the messaging ability on this website. @Paris13 has always been very sweet and kind to me that's what makes me think something not so nice happened between her and other users here. I've read people can be mean at times to each other on this website. But she is always been there for me and I consider her a close friend. Just hope she's okay. I didn't even get a chance to respond back to her message or say goodbye. Honestly her sweet nature and friendship was the only thing that kept me coming back to this website.

    • I know what you mean, some people on here can be very mean, but yes she seems very nice and I'm glad you found a friend in her