I got a message on my e-mail that you have 5 new answers for me about a Q yesterday?

I can's seem to find that 5 answers anywhere on my profile, where can I look, and would I still be able so see yesterday' Q, or is that deleted by the site?


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  • look at the right hand side of the top of the page...there will be options such as...Questions, Answers, messages, wall, reality check, friends...

    so click on 'Questions' u'll find your questions!


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  • Check your email again,it may have been deleted.

    Look under "Questions" by your name

  • why is that in the sexuality section?

    • Actually, I ignore him back at work, but still was polite and talked to him when he asked me something, the last 2 day's he is around me as much as possible and try anything to talk to me, he touch me when he walks pass me, I am neutral and don't show any emotion, It seems that ignoring him is not what he expected. When he comes near me, I slowly walk away to do something else, I'm talking to him as if nothing has happened, yesterday he asked me when he can see me again, but of course I'm busy