People are not reading articles on GaG anymore. Why?

I've written nearly 20 articles on here, with almost half being featured.

In the past, I've managed to gain over 2000 readers on a single article regularly.

Now, as I post articles, I'm lucky if I get twenty. I looked at an article I wrote last year in immense detail about how to buy a men's suit because there were many questions on the topic at this time.

To date, I have one reader.

I guess the demographic has changed on GAG and I wasn't totally aware. Are articles not helpful for you, the audience?

Or are you just not interested in reading?


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  • @Wating at the door: Sorry if you relate it to yourself, this wasn`t my intention. How can I judge you, I don`t have any hunch, who you are, never saw you here by GAG.

    Possible that your articles are to prententious for many here, how do I know?

    I only spoke therefore quite generally.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I read them. I wrote one myself and only got a few views. So I know what you mean.

    I fund other point of views fascinating!

  • Personally I find many of the articles extremely helpful and I love reading


What Guys Said 2

  • People use this for, just one question or two questions. Not looking to stay on here ?

    • Which if that's the case, that is terrible. Articles written on here have a ton of benefit to them.

    • Like I said, they only want an answer to *their* question and their not looking for anything else. Its basically yahoo answer's with people who have better info for the opposite gender. Iv been on here for almost 2 years and I have never read an article, I don't seek information, I just give to people who need help with their questions *which is the main reason people come here*.

  • Many questions are a kind of rubbish, so they users are bored. This is really understandable.