Do you look at people's profile when you're answering their question?

I often times look at a persons' profile who has gone unanon for their question (as long as they're not set on private) (unless, they're a friend of mine that was originally private) to see why she's/he's asking the question and how it relates. For example...and this is just a hypothetical, so it's not real.

Let's say a person asks something like "Do you think I'm cute?" She/He goes unanon for this and I see that she/he struggles with self confidence by what they've said in their profile (this is also if they've not mentioned anything in the question itself about being unconfident). So, then I think to myself, well..first of all (are they hot, and just looking for unneeded attention) and then if they're not "hot" then I'll think to myself well, they need some sort of ego boost because this person struggles with self-confidence (according to their profile). I still won't give it to them because I don't believe in answering those types of questions got me thinking about this sort of thing.

So, when you're answering a question do you look at non-private, non-anon. persons' profile and THEN answer it?

I also look at peoples' profiles if I find the QA attractive and want to know what kind of other questions she's asked.


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  • I only look at their age to help me relate better & understand their question.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No,if the question is interesting I won't mind answering it.

  • Nope. I pretty much never check people's profiles, tbh.


What Guys Said 1

  • If they look like they're hot or I'm interested about something then yeah.