How has GirlsAskGuys helped you?

Meaning, how has this site helped your in your relationships, feelings and behaviors between the opposite gender?


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  • It's helped me remember to love myself and not be my own worst enemy. Not to mention being more keen and aware of myself and surroundings whenever girls are flirting with me.

    Even the advice I've given people is some advice I need to apply to my own life more often. Just giving the advice helps me ingrain these life improving methods and techniques.


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  • I didn't really come here for relationships, but it's helped me with my shyness, ironically. IRL, I hardly talk, but here I have to get used to articulating responses and conversation with strangers (rather than the people I'm comfortable with) and that in turn has actually made me talk with people better.

    Not exactly what the site was designed for, but helpful nonetheless.

  • It has helped me procrastinate.

  • It has helped me to realize that deep down guys and girls aren't that different in a lot of ways. I've realized that guys actually do hurt and have emotions too...they just show it differently than girls.


What Guys Said 2

  • It has though me this.

    1) Girls say one thing, but then they say something else (I just answer a question when girls love when a guy doesn't know what he is saying...yet they say they love confidence)

    2) How to figure out playing hard to get.

    3) Girls are just as nervous of guys as we are of them

    4) What they usually want in a man.

    5) And other misteries of the female gender that I cannot recall.

  • Its not GAG who helped us, Its people who USE gag to help us. Now I have seen people, who, give useless and baseless answers just to earn exper points. But on the other hand, I have also seen some good answers. So yes, there are good and bad opinions out there. Just filter them according to your scenario :)

    • Yeah I've noticed that too. There's also a lot of crappy questions being asked which don't mean anything at all. I wondered why that was, but it figures it is to hoard more useless experience points.