When you start chatting with someone on GaG what are you really hoping?

When you start chatting with someone you met through GAG, what are you really hoping, looking for? Anyone ever met someome in person that they first met here?


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  • I have met one girl on here, she was a great girl, always very talkative, and I wouldn't of suggested it until she asked if I would be up for it, I found out that she was only 80 miles away, so we talked about it some more and met up. it was half way for both of us and as we got on really well we got some cheap hotel rooms, seperate obviously, and I traveled up to where she lived for an hour or so in the morning and came home, we stayed in touch and sometimes get in touch now, but she lives a little further away now, which really is impossible to just meet up, but oneday maybe, she will visit or I will, it still is an option,x but as far as looking for it no, but is it about, I think so, because I do get the odd flirt on here, which is always nice, so, if its there, go with it, if not, don't force it I say, xx


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  • Im not looking or hoping for anything.. just talk

  • I really don't have any expectations at all when I chat with someone here. However, about a year and a half ago, I did chat with someone on here that I had a lot to talk about with. I ended up meeting her. We lived just far enough away from each other where driving was not all that practical. I flew in and we met. However, it didn't work out in the long run. We still talk to each other from time to time. She is a great girl and I'm glad I had that experience.


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  • i met someone on gag. he's moving here to my town and were gonna move in together in 2 weeks :) we didn't start talking at first because I thought he was a douchebag. I think we went like 2 months without talking than the day I was gonna delete him he messaged me and we have a lot in common.

    • Wow, that is quite a story, I hope everything works out for you.

    • thanks! you too. I forgot to add I wasn't looking for anything nor did I expect anything. it just kinda happened

    • Awww awesome! :D ... that's such a sweet story. I hope I end up meeting someone lol. What a close call :P ... hope it go's well.