Newbie to Girlsaskguys, what to expect?

I just created this account and I was wondering what should I be expecting?


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  • Welcome, CMC!

    As Dickens would say..."It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Some days you'll get genuine help, others you'll wonder if people are taking your question seriously. You have to roll with it, see who pops up repeatedly to give genuine advice, and you'll be set.

    It's nice to know that other people have the same questions you have (or had when you started), and for every question you have there's usually a bit of advice you can always offer to a person who is less experienced than you are. Just be willing to share and don't let the occasional "trolling" get you down.

    Cheers, dude.


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  • Expect:


    -Funny people


    -Good Advice

    -Bad Advice

    -GaG Drama

    -Removed Answers/Questions/Comments for no reason

    -Repeated Questions (d*** size, boob size, does he like me?, race, religion, etc)

    -When you speak your mind, prepare for people to disagree

    -Annoying people


  • people here have pretty narrow minds... but you'll get used to it then notice it's not everyone that's like that.

    Also, you'll get lots of random friend requests from people that will never even talk to you .

    lol and the trolls a re really obvious and fun to play with.

  • trolls,drama,whining,flame wars,pure stupidity,awesomeness

  • expect a letter of acceptance from hogwarts. :)

  • Expect to be initiated.

  • Overall, expect to make friends, have fun and gain insight. :)

  • 1.It's not as fun to troll anymore :(.

    2. People are too sensitive.

    3. People here like to hear what they want and not what they need.

    4. If you're not hanging with the in crowd then prepare to get down arrows on your answers.


What Guys Said 9

  • Lately the admins have deleted the accounts of a lot of cool people and left the 18 year old scumbags that ask stupid questions like "does she like me?" You walked into this thing during its decline, but who knows...maybe you will be the one to turn it around and make it exciting again.

  • Questions some good some not and good advice and some bad. It is a good site. Depending on your political thoughts your opinions might be more avcepted on here

  • A lot of Feminist and Misandrist women lol. So be very careful if you say anything against the female gender (as small as they may be) or else your questions will get deleted. Even if you are not usuing insulting words. Trust me I know.

    Political Correctness: Here you cannot speak against the status quo or else people or goijng to insult you and delete your questions and answer. Again trust me I know.

    Sexual Predators: Women and Men who wants you to show them your penis.

    Whinny Women and Men.

    A lot of useless questions that have little to do with dating and very few questions actually related to dating.

    Useless questions often get a lot of answers, but important questions get maybe one or two answers. It goes to show the level of "expertise" here, so then expect many answers if you genuily need help.

    Sensitive men and specially sensitive women. As I mentioned above you may not say everything that you want here, or else those sensitive souls are going to flame you.

    Other than that, that is pretty much it...

  • A lot of people here have a small mind. You will find a lot of rubbish, immaturity banality, gossip and stupidity.

    Many of people don`t have any humour, or not enough, so they don`t understand often irony and mockery.

    A lot of users are not able to sort their answers by special fields, so you find questions in the wrong sector.

    Many question-askers ask again and again the same questions. Some modify the questions a little bit, but more it isn`t.

    Much knowledge of a lot of users you will not find here.

    Many GaGers don`t have any perseverance, after one or two days they stop to write about a special topic.

    Many users are not able to argue, so they give you minus.points, because they don`t have mental weapons by contraire opinion.

    More than a minority are self-centered. So their position is: "what`s the matter with me, and I and I..."

    Plus.points you get not by quality, but much more by sympathy. If people don`t like you, then you get minus.points, what ever you write. If you have luck, then it gives no points in this case.

    The whole point.system is therefore a joke and should be abolished by a numbers of texts f.e.

    The same by the "best answer". Sometimes it is the best, but often it isn`t.

    Nevertheless you find here some good users, which ask interesting questions and can give qualified answers.

    The quality of this forums is also dependant from you. The more you write good questions and/or answers, the more you help to improve it.

  • Here still some aspects of criticism to many GaGers:

    - many of them aren`t able to ask precise enough. Some questions are so generally, so it`s often difficult to give a meaningful/useful answer.

    - a lot of users answering to short, one sentence or so by an interesting subject.

    - a lot of answers are spongy resp. hazy.

    - some users can`t differ between important and unimportant. So humbug and good answers/questions are standing side by side

    - there are rope.parties here, which give points one to the other. (give me a point, then I give you a point back)

    - some judge very quick, instead to ask a question, for to know the reason of some texts resp. what the writer really mean with his opinion. So the prejudices are growing like weeds.

    Others don`t have any interests to explore the reasons for the answers or questions.

  • Sexyness, lots and lots of sexyness. :D

  • i drove my tractor into your haystack last night OOOO ARRRR OOOO ARRR

    i throw my pitchfork at your dog to keep quiet OOOO ARRRR OOOO ARRR

  • - Dick size questions.

    - Does he like me questions.

    - A vast majority of inexperience with the opposite and/or same sex.

    - Some pretty great advice.

    - Some awesome people.

    - Some trolls, bitches, and a**holes.

  • penis and "does he like me" questions... lots of em.