How do you feel about low level users on Girlsaskguys?

How do you feel about low level users?

Lately, whenever I see a low level user friend request me I think:

-Is this person using the site just to socialize?

-Is this person a banned user who wants to troll me?

-What question did I answer that they are friending me?

After being trolled (negatively) so much I have become a tad paranoid.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Have trolls ruined it for other people? Especially the new users.

What do you think about low level users who only friend request?

Do you unfriend these people, why/why not?

What about that user who friends you and they have no answers or questions on record yet they are a level 4!?!?!


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  • I don't feel anything really, because I was a low level user before, from one to the level I am now which is.. *looks at it again* Nueve!

    Some low level users may just have a few questions and then they are throwing the peace sign on the site. which is fine.

    If someone is banned and yet tried to make new accounts to troll is just pitiful, To all of my dead homies *pours my sippy cup over the fence*

    Well there is anonymous people all over the place, I had people adding me saying " Thank you for answering my question , means a lot to me, blah blah blah" I didn't mind answering and helping but I'm not a damn role model, I can barely walk straight on an average day. xD

    I never been trolled on yet so maybe I'm not as famous as you guys , and I'm okay with that, allows me to be a ninja and just trail along . =) Gracias for being a team player.

    @update Yeah I have a few of those people on my friendlist who are level 4 or whatever yet haven't answered a question for over 7 months yet a regular joe/jill on here. Some people on here just are trying to either troll anonymously, talk to people, or flirt with others. Which is fine, except for being on the receiving end of the trolling..


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  • Nope. I'm impartial towards low level users, we were all there once.

    This is the Internet, you've got to be prepared to meet a few people that will act in such a way due to there being next to no real-life consequences online. You need to grow some tougher skin missy.

    If someone sends me a request, I accept. I don't use my computer to answer questions, only my itouch, so they can only message me instead of using chat, something which a lot of them don't do.

    Trolls aren't a new thing, they've been around for about a decade now.

  • I give everybody equal oppurtunity to show their colors.

  • They must have a life unlike me which is how I was able to get over 13000 points lol.

  • I'm kinda a low-level user, right? But seriously, if one that's new 'friends' me and has ZERO answers/questions to their name, I usually deny it. I had one do so recently, and I accepted it, and she never came back for anything. And I was the only one she sent a request to. It's totally random.

  • meh high/low what ever

  • I tend to think it's a new troll out to wreak a reign of terror. But you can tell by the way they answer sometimes whether they're legit or not

    • What about that user who friends you and they have no answers or questions on record yet they are a level 4!?!?!

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    • Right?!?! I have a level 6 with one answer and a 3 questions. I am paranoid I guess.

    • My man Kain, figured it out! Plus. 1

  • I don't even notice levels usually. So I feel everyone is the same.

  • i'm sort of new, so I don't think I can answer this properly

  • Loling about the update! How tha hell is that possible?

  • I don't let trivial things like this bother me. And if I ever did I would start to re-evaluate on how sad my life has actuaaly become


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