What type of questions do you immediately reject answering on Girsaskguys? And why?

Is it because the topic is silly, or because the answers will be?

I've been blocked by anonymous below. What nerve to answer someone's question when you've blocked them.

This is the reason I block anonymous answers. I just forgot to tick the box this time.
Too bad, they would have received an up arrow!


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  • " So there's this guy who doesn't look at me or notice me...does he like me?"

    Why I hate this question:

    It's obvious. It surprises me how many people's interpretation skills are lacking here; it's basic logic and reasoning. Take in all the details of the situation like HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW YOU EXIST OR CARES TO KNOW YOU EXIST - along with - HE'S MAKING GOOGLY EYE'S AT YOUR BEST FRIEND - and put two and two together.

    Like come on people - aren't humans suppose to have higher intelligence than this?

    My brain simmers when I read these long detailed accounts of people talking about crushes who either show VERY clear signs of liking them back, or not liking them at all. But the QA's here act so ditzy - like really? You honestly don't have the logical capacity to see the OBVIOUS signs in circumstance here?

    Ay ay ay...

    • Many of these question come from people under 16 who want confirmation, against all logic, that in fact the person likes them! They simply don't listen to logic such as yours.

      Luckily, we aren't their parents!

    • Pls rate the question! Thx for the thoughtful answer!

    • Yea - actually a lot of older people ask those too -

      Lol thnx no prob :)


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  • Okay, I hate questions that start like this:

    "does he/she like me..?" Oh my gosh. There are like 78945239 questions like this. Look em' up, compare them to your situation, find the one that resembles yours the most, read the answers, and WA BAM. got your advice.

    "Guys are superior because.."

    "Why do guys have to do everything in a relationship..."

    "I'm complaining about gender roles..."

    and anything in this nature. Look trolls, it is obvious you are trying to get some negative female attention, and I absolutely hate it when I fall for these stupid traps. Which I have. So no, I just skip over them.

    "This is really long but.." NO I WILL NOT READ A STORY.

    So those are the questions that drive me insane.

  • A great question indeed haha. +5

    What type of questions do you immediately reject answering? And why?

    -the racist ones - does so and so like so and so. There is a person for everyone, you have to look.

    -Am I pretty? - reality check needs to be fixed so that those that have recently started can get so honest answers but please stop with the questions.

    -Political questions - it sometimes is a good subject but there are a few users that tear me down and they tend to drag me back to the question and once I have said my points I don't really want to return.

    -many questions about how a guy can't get a girl or vice versa even though he/she is remotely attractive supposedly - there are many factors as to why they can't find their other and there are ways to find out.

    -Questions that have a detailed text - I do answer questions like this but most likely I skip reading the guts of the question and just answer the heading question.

  • There are few questions that I don't answer...:

    1.Why do girls like jerk,why do guys like slut?

    2.Which race attract you? (im tired of black and white question)

    3.Do you have crush on GAG? (the most silly)

    4.Please rate my look

    5.Penis size

  • I refuse to even look at the political or religious rants that are (generally) conducted by people who don't know what they're talking about and then disparage everyone who tries to point out that they make no f***ing sense.

    I stay away from the trolls as well, unless I know I can counter-troll them well.

  • Most fashion questions. Boring ,repeat questions and generally dumb ones. Oh and the penis and rate me type questions are particularly annoying.

  • rate me questions, am I fat questions with description only, does he/she like me questions, and a lot of religious questions

  • Religious,political or anything I can't answer. Or maybe it doesn't spark my interest.

  • Anything penis-y.

  • - questions with girls intentionally fishing for compliments

    - "how's my penis" questions

    - "why do girls hate nice guys" questions

    - superficial fashion questions

    that's about it


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  • The ones where a chick starts with something like "Ohh I am so wet... what is wrong with me?" I find it amusing how these get 50 dudes saying "ye awesome" "That is perfect I wish I got laid." etc etc. What attention whores and it is sad how easily men are seduced.

  • Really only when I am seeing a block of text. I don't have the patience fort hat.

  • Repetitive questions. For example: Makeup, or no makeup. And questions about topics I am not familiar with, or are too long to read.

  • Walls of text. They're annoying to read.

    • I guess whoever gave me a thumbs down doesn't like paragraphs.