Dos anybody else realize? this am I behind?

So I went onto a persons profile (I won't mention who but she is well known on here) to see what kind of answers this person put out and I saw that this person gave the Best Answer to a question that she put out there.

Once I clicked on it, the question was under anonymous, so you tell me what is the point of being anonymous when somebody can find out who you really are when you put up a Best Answer?

Am I behind? is this nothing new? I find a it a little strange.


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  • This would ONLY happen if the user asked the question un anonymous, and selected the best answer un-anonymously, and then LATER changed his question to anonymous.

    From now on, if you later change your question to anonymous, it will remove the entry from activity feed.



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  • I think that is what is known as a bug...

    Hopefully an administrator will pick up on this thread, analyse the code to see why this happens and hopefully fix it.

    Well spotted.

  • Yeah, I noticed it too, little esoteric glitch, haha. It only happens when they ask it non-anon/answer, so it comes up on their profile and registeres that it should appear there, but they go anon after.

  • It's probably a question that was posted normally then they made it anonymous. As said that would be a bug. It shouldn't still show up.