Love how they've started highlighting 'new' comments.

I was just thinking about that today amazingly, do they do it with answers too? Also I wonder what it'll be like having comments upside down, reverse chronological order. :P


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  • I don't like it at all! It's like reading upside down. No forum I remember does this. I think the Japanese folks are especially going to get confused. Everyone reads from top to bottom.

    • We do, but we also get to see the most up to date comment first, if we know the back story or want the most upto date info, then we can start from the bottom after.

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    • the online version of the Toronto Star, the comments are sorted newest to oldest.. but they at least have a button to flip it...

    • But how would they highlight new comments, that's why I think they did it, so they wouldn't have to have a huge list sometimes to do it.


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  • They do it with answers too.

    I'm not sure how I like the comments being in reverse order, but the highlighting thing is a great idea.

  • ha, I like it! It makes it alittle bit easier lolz

  • ha! I thought there was something wrong with my eyes lol.

    • I often see answers as in yellow boxes, something's wrong with my eyes too, ;). Plus I think my hearing's bad. :( :P

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