How many users on there on GirlsAskGuys, and what do you think it would be like if they could ALL meet up one day?

Let's say there's a very grand party and all GaG users are invited.Would you turn up and what would you probably do?My apologies for asking such a weird question but just asking for fun. Thanks!

Thank you very much for all inputs.What about the first part of my question, that is HOW MANY USERS ARE THERE ON GIRLSASKGUYS?

I remember one user said it's about 100 000. But it seems that every time it is only those few people who answer my questions.

Just coincidence? Where are the rest of the users? Lol.


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  • Bali, Indonesia conference. On the beach. everyone wears a mask and their user name on a necklace. other clothing optional. how is that for a start?

    • Lol. Indonesia is so near to my country. How about all the Anonymous Users?

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    • The Americans are really so good in their English and I learn so many new words from them even though I am on GaG only not long ago.How I wish my English would be as good as theirs.

    • I would not worry about accents. What accent anyway? Interesting people will be find others interesting because they are different. Singapore is such a cool place, and awesome food, even better than KL. Please remember that your Chinese, regardless of dialect, is better than my English or Malay. Best

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  • Yeah, I think I'd show up. I'd find my own table or corner and probably stay there unless I was thirsty lol

  • I don't get along in crowds.

  • Hell yeah :)

  • it is called Judgement Day...and it is comming,sooner than we think :D

    • Ha ha.Then who would be judging who? And how many survivors would there be?Would you be one of the survivors? Lol.

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  • I would probably go to that! It'd be interesting to see everyone in person. I'll bring some cupcakes <3

  • 80% of us would be laughing at the 20% of guys insisting to measure everyone's penis.

  • Dudes would be whining on GAG the next day that they took the trouble to go to the GAG party and all the women were stuck up with too many standards and they STILL didn't get any p****. Oh, and that some girls were really nice, but, you know, they just weren't attractive so they don't count. :P