Dear GAG, can you please reveal this secret?

On the site for "What is Xper?" it lists how to earn Xper points, and at the end of the list it says "And many more! The more you participate, the more points you can earn and redeem for free stuff."

Now where can I find out what this "many more" exactly is? I'd like to know what else makes you earn points and how many. Why isn't everything listed?


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  • Excellent question! What are these bastards hiding!? >:o


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  • :) Ha ha - great question! u: pr3ttybr0wn is correct - every once in a while, we offer other opportunities to earn Xper. For example, right now you can enter our contest - link - for a chance to win 3000 Xper points. We are also offering a prize of 3000 Xper points to the member who earns the mos "Best Answers" until January 5th. :)

  • they're probably saying that so you won't be surprised when they offer other things in the future. they didn't always have the victoria's secret gift card for example


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  • It's like entering contest and things like that. Right now I'm looking at contest advertisement that says "Best Christmas Gift For A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend 2011" I'm sure that contest already ended but it says you could have won up to 3000 Xper Points.