How do you view the majority of questions and answers here on GAG?

If you had to group together and describe the majority of questions and answers here on GAG, what would you say about them?

You may give separate responses for both questions and answers if you like.

Meaningful and heartfelt?

Experienced and insightful?

Assumptions and guesses?

Realistic and honest?

Morally aligned?

Indignity aligned?

I'll be selecting the BA by means of popularity shortly after my featured question runs out. Give you favorite responses credit by up voting them.
If case of a tie I get the deciding vote.


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  • Questions where the QA only wants one type of answer, and will irrationally disagree with any answer that does not align with that.

    Qs & As by bitter, pessimistic, self righteous, hateful or just plain stupid people who want to rant, seek agreement or just want to troll (badly).

    Qs & As with insight, perspective, maturity and meaning. They are rare, but much appreciated.

    • so a mixture?

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    • Totally agree I've posted a question like that myself were I just wanted one type of answer because I felt there was only one answer and I wanted to hear people's opinions it wasn't a relationship but god people really do surprise me :(, I will try to avoid looking at that question again, anyway I think this should be ba

    • Thank you for BA, and thank you ladies for your comments. :)


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  • seems like therapy... people who need some good girl friends, guy friends, a mother figure, a father figure and of course some random person online cannot satisfy that, I see it being addictive... I am addicted for forsure, when I'm not on GAG I'll think of questions to ask on GAG... and it's always me asking about some random incident that happened with my ex(I'll use him in the present though) "what does this mean?""what does that mean?"I guess it just shows that I am obviously not over him, I made my account to get over him, and it's been maybe over a year now... I really don't wana check... It'll will make my stomach sink! Sooo besides people not getting over there ex's there's depression and fear of dating, self hate etc, (hey, it's the internet what do you expect?) and the occasional troll who posts a question just to hate and argue with people/ wants to let out some anger because a girl dumped him last night...or a year ago.. anyways it's basically people trying to get over their problems but like bvtron said "it's the blind leading the blind" But people are also free to open their heart and give really honest meaningful advice, that wouldn't be so easy face to face...but is it as effective or just a quick fix for the one receiving the advice? And the one giving the advice is also getting a quick fix by helping some one, Also for the advice givers I think they get help solving their own issues, people love to talk(Is that not obvious?lol) and we love to give our opinions. Why? because we want to feel validated and god damn do you see how I'm tapping into my own mind right now? All I'm doing is trying to figure MYSELF out. sorry but I don't know who the f*** yiiu guys are... we are all just sitting in some room alone, basically talking to ourselves, you may think I sound crazy...Am I crazy? yes I am but so are you, you will be spending previous seconds of your life typing away get to respond to someone you don't know just to find out more about your self. bam and congrats for reading this whole thing:O WE ARE ALL CRAZY

    • this is a good text! I must smile by "We all are crazy". Ok, that`s all right, if we don`t loose the balance, feel good, don`t loose the contact to the reality and don`t hurt other people. And then it will be a minority! Can we bet ?

    • Wow... I am in awe!

  • Unrealistic, reek of inexperience, condescending(alot of the time actually), assumptions and guesses.

    The unrealistic, inexperienced, assumptions and guesses because a lot of times people who've never been in relationships, never even kissed the opposite gender give advice and it's normally generalized sugarcoated crap.

    The condescending answers usually come from the females normally about weight loss, makeup, surgery and sex.

    • How experienced are you?

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    • Not only that but the people who get information from all kinds of difference sources often repeat something they herd someone else say. And although they can be regurgitating the same information, more often then not, it was said or written with something completely different in meaning in mind.

    • I usually answer from personal experience. lol

  • If it is meaningless, shallow or lighthearted it stays. All others get removed IMO :/

  • Relationship-related for the most part. I do think a lot of them are based on experiences and are heartfelt responses, but some of them are just plain odd.

  • A lot of the younger people on here asks questions based on their insecurities and things they haven't experienced yet. Every one else asks questions they know the answer to deep inside but look for the answerers to confirm.

  • i view the site as 'blind leading the blind' sort of thing.

    mainly questions on dating/self-esteem.

    the answers I've receive are always insightful,

    and completely answer my question.

  • People putting up photos of themselves like which picture do I look better in? Who cares?


What Guys Said 18

  • Hmm. That's a tough one.

    I suppose it goes a little like this;


    1/10 - penis related (noticed a decline lately)

    3/10 - trolling

    3/10 - does he/she like me

    1/10 - insanely long and boring, yet obvious does he/she like me

    2/10 - just simply retarded questions that must have been written by someone with the mental capacity of a spoon.

    As for answers;

    1/10 - correct, logical and polite in their delivery

    1/10 - everyone's favorite trolls

    7/10 - self richeous, oppinionated arrogant and won't accept they're wrong

    1/10 - controversial yet right answers that the politically correct (or retarded, whatever term you prefer) users on here get up in arms about. Those answers that say what the majority thinks but doesn't want to admit.

    Think that's about right.

  • I find the sexuality questions mostly repetitive and silly. Also the endless 'rate me' questions.

    I have really enjoyed the new health section, it focuses on more than just whether someone likes someone else..which is a tough question to answer in cyberspace.

    I try to pick questions that are interesting long term, such as why someone is emotionally bottled up, or whether someone is worth pursuing or not. These are often in the behavior section.

    I really enjoy the mostly uncensored space we have here. There aren't many places where we can hear real-life descriptions of how people get involved in unhappy situations, and we are given a lot of freedom to respond.

    I would only request that questions and answers not be removed until the person posting them has been contacted about why admins or mods think it's inappropriate. Just because a couple of people disagree with what is said doesn't make the post 'offensive.'

  • you have the

    - (ex)girlfriend/boyfriend questions

    - the anal/fingering/BJ/masturbation questions

    - the boob/body/clothes questions

    - deeper life ( atheism/god sigh) questions

    -'life and relationships are worthless' questions

    -rest category about music , funny or boring stuff

    don't have a thought about it actually , although the anal and atheism questions get boring now ^^

    • haha, 'life and relationships are worthless questions'. I adore those questions. =='

  • The different groups I've noticed here:

    ---People with genuine problems, looking for insightful answers

    ---asshats asking trying to start flame wars over religion, racsim what not

    ---Trolls asking ridiculous questions. EX: "I had sex with my dad, and I want to do it again, how to ask him?" -stupid sh*t like that.

    ---Bored people who just come here to kill off time, and give their opinions on some mildly interesting questions. (ME)

    ---Bored people who ask random meaningless questions/ not really looking for a real answer, just somebody to talk to. EX: "How to get a girl to like me?" or "Does the guy like me" when they are actually talking about some kid that sits across from them in classs, and hasn't thought about them once

    --- Weak ass lames looking to pick up chicks

    ---Attention whores trying to pick up guys

    ---12 year old little girls

    ---Teenage boys that act like they are 12 year old little girls

    ---Clueless asshats, that wind up here to ask questions about their broken laptop, or busted water heater in their basement.

    ---Or people who are here just to talk about random things in their lives.

  • Alot of the ?'s are based on insecurity, or wanting "validation" for what the asker wants to do/not do, anyway.

    Regardless of the origin, I answer honestly. However, if I feel that someone is looking for validation for what he/she wants to do anyways, I call them out on it in the answer.

  • Meaningful and heartfelt idiocracy is my vote. Definitely not a good representation of reality.

    You have a lot of people on here giving advice about relationships and break-ups who have never been in one.

    • "heartfelt idiocracy" That's an awesome description.

  • Surely a lot of young people are seeking persons, so some immature questions and answers are coming.

    But I find here some users, who are really brainless, others total banal. I call such questions and answers mental farts. Then we find here some people who ask again and again the same questions, so you think they are parrots.

    I `ve also the impression, that some have a spoilt character and/or loosen any roots, so they fly around like a leaf in the wind. At home we would say. "this person is shooting through the air".

    This are people away from the ground, they don`t know what is right and what is left of the route.

    So they are more or less confused and not really inside themselves, more external of themselves.

    And this isn`t so much a question of the age, this is even more a question of education of parents plus enviroment. By enviroment it is from "time to time" the decadence of the western world which is growing more and more. This you find not in the villages/small towns, this is more a case of big towns. In the land you will find another extreme, that people live behind the moon.

    And here the good sides: Some users are clear in the head and they have knowledge.

    And I will also "break a lance" for some young persons here. Sometimes I found by some very young people better questions and answers, than I found for example twens.

  • rate best answer and worst answer, this would improve the questions and answers, and it would show your best answers and worst answers on your profile,

  • Most users seem to care and want to help the question asker, so heartfelt. Some can be experienced but due to the type of question sometimes experience can only go so far? There are quite a few assumptions and guesses, but I see that as good because even though they might not have experience they're still willing to help. Honest? I guess, but how honest I can't really judge. I'd say they lie as much to themselves as to us.

    I think my answers are the best, but I'm obviously bias and I admire myself too much.

  • Majority of questions : "I pretend to want to know the truth but secretly only accept answers from people who I agree with. If I can't convince the others that they're wrong, I'll just block them so I don't have to realize how delusional I am."

  • I have been generally happy with the responses to my questions. I do get tired of seeing penis size questions. Seems like that one would be a question that would be answered by one posting about it...

  • I see a lot of questions put here just to bash religions/God which I think is quite sad. I'm not a fan myself but the amount of ignorance/intolerance/malice is...real life I guess

  • I mean it is what it is, It's whatever you take it as. but were all looking for an answer.

  • Most of the times I think the questions are either jaded folks looking for a place to rant or people trying to get reassurance to do/accept/react the opposite from what they know they should.

    The answers? Either jaded people trying to make blanket statements about gender stereotypes, people who answer before reading the specifics, or people in similar situations who are waaaay too optimistic. :/

  • Inexperienced, clueless, and very certain of themselves.

  • You tell people not to do something and they do it anyway, then they come back lamenting why they did it.

  • The majority of the questions aim to gather the collective knowledge of the population.

    The majority of the answers aim to glorify the answerer.

    As you might notice, there is a disconnect. Those who seek knowledge are plentiful, while those who are willing to provide thoughtful, genuine insight are few and far between.

  • Insecure and Inexperienced