Is anonymous truly anonymous on GaG?

As you might have noticed, there are a lot of Mods on GAG. Mods can remove questions/answers/comments. If they get reports of an inappropriate comment, they then warn the users. But if it's anonymous--- ahhh..

So question is, can Mods freely identify OP's that are anonymous?

And assuming they can, how comfortable do you feel as a user knowing that, that hot mod you like saw your sad pathetic question as you and not anonymous?


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    Haha, I asked that yesterday. ^

    And I shall share the knowledge I received. No, mods cannot see who you are when you are anonymous. Only admins can, and there are about 4 of them on this site. =) They created it, so I think it's fair that they can see what's going on on this site. Whether someone is excessively trolling or offensive in their posts so that they can delete or ip ban them if necessary.


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  • in general I have had maybe 4 incidents where my questions were removed, not sure but mostly due to immaturity or misunderstanding of my questions.

    but I hear you, What qualifications exactly are mods selected on this site? that is a good question indeed. and I am in no way looking down on their ability to moderate the site but there have been some conflicts that would have deterred others from returning to this site :(

    it's unfortunate...

    but I don't think they can see the identities but the site administrators probably can.

  • Us mods and super mods can't see a thing, only admin. and they only look if it gets reported really.

  • I think only site administrators can see who anonymous people are.


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  • I'm not even sure admins can see the user. Most emails of warnings you get are automated there really isn't any reason for admins to see who the anonymous person was. The site needs to but not the admins. They probably can but unless someone links an admin saying they can or an admin comes and posts here who knows.