Does anyone find some questions too vague?

I have read a few questions, and found out they are too vague. Like when a guy/girl needs some advice about her boyfriend and there is no description of him, also when someone needs health tips and has little info like dry skin (were face or body)...etc. If you have found such questions have you tried asking for more info? Or did you just give the most plausible answer?


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  • Course I do..Plenty of these questions are vague sometimes to keep the question from being oober LONG! I usually give an answer based on at least 3 perspectives. Those 3 may not be what they were asking for but hell they should've specified.. lol

    • Would you mind sharing those perspectives?

    • hm.. girl says " My hair is constantly dry" I will use any 3 of these perspectives or assumptions

      - do you blow dry it a lot if so...

      - do you iron it out a lot? if so...

      - Do you wash it everyday if so..

      - What kind of moisturizer do you use?

      - do you have a health condition? are you taking medicine?

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  • It depends on the question. Some questions you start to answer and then find that the person is only messing with whoever happens to answer. At other times, it's a sincere question and the QA needs a little help piecing all the parts of the situation together.

    In the case of MEDICAL/HEALTH questions. I'm sure you can understand that certain questions are sensitive and can't be addressed in too much detail.

    • But how does it make a difference if your an anonymous asking about medical stuff? I mean we won't know who you are, no harm.

    • Some people know each other on the site. It has the potential to be embarrassing.

  • I state that questions are too vague and people get mad at me haha.

  • If I need elaboration I tend to ask, and if they don't answer, I give them the most probable answer I can concieve given the limited information provided.

    • Is it consider impolite to ask (I wouldn't know because I am not from the States)? Recently I have been asking for clarification was that a bad idea?

    • Neither am I. :P But I don't believe it is impolite to ask for clarification maintaining of course that you are gracious. I always try to maintain a humble approach, such as 'I am sorry but would you be able to clarify what you mean by...'

  • yes. a lot are vague. but they just want some reassurance that everything will be OK, so I give it to them

    • But what if it looks like it would lead to a definite break up or something like that?

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  • Some questions are too vague but those are the ones that I ask the QA to give more. Sometimes there is a book written about every little thing that happened which is overkill. If I don't feel like reading it, I will either pass or lightly skim the info.

    I don't answer to validate their question though. I don't care if I don't get Best Answer or a dozen down arrows. I say what I think and answer honestly. I wish more people in the world would be more honest. :)