Anyone who has asked a question?

After reading a certain question, I want to know if we are really helping by giving answers? or is all what we are doing is giving false or immature answers to your questions?

Have you ever really been helped and did you ever follow any advise given?

I meant have you really been helped by any of the answers (not answerer) and have you really followed any advise.

Thats what I mean by the last three lines of the question.


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  • I only asked one question, and it helped me. Sometimes you need just a little push to do something about your issue, and anyone can give it to you.

    I've been given some advice, and having a new point of view helped me make a choice by myself. I think I followed it, as long as it seemed right to me :)

    Now, I've seen useless, bard worded answers that brought no help whatsoever to the question. I haven't received hurtful comments yet, and I haven't used the "block user" ability. I suppose it may come given enough time, but there's no hurry ^^

    Moreover, when you ask a question, you have to think about it, and how to explain it to the others. This in itself is helping, because it brings you to the facts, and makes you see things more clearly. Most of the time the whole issue is not very clear in our minds (at least in mine), and we, or should I say 'I', lack proper hindsight.

    I've been told a few times that my answer helped, so that makes it worth it :)

    You can't understand every one's issues on this site, and thus you can't help each and everyone here.

    Moreover, there is the language issue : English is not my first language, so I take some time to word my answers as clearly as I can, avoiding as many mistakes as I can ^^' Luckily for me, the spell check is quite efficient =]

    What about you ? :)


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  • Once, a girl told me off..she was very rude about it...but for some clicked.

    It was along the lines of being independent and not relying on anyone else.

  • I tend to look for others points of view on things when I ask questions, not necessarily for a "do this" instruction manual. With that in mind, I've learned a few things that were helpful to know, but not necessarily been helped directly with a situation I have. Either way, I've found it useful to stick around...

  • The majority of answers that I get have certainly given me points to think about when deciding what to do(they point scenarios that I haven't even considered). So in that case, I have been given a lot of helpful answers.

  • Well, I don't tend to ask many personal questions, because I find that people often make assumptions or read into my questions things that aren't true of my situation, which is really annoying, and they end up giving me advice on what they THINK my situation is, rather than what I'm actually asking. Or they give judgmental or attacking answers that aren't helpful.

    But there are some people who leave great answers and have given me helpful advice.


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  • Never been helped publically, as in, I've never asked a question and received any worthy advice. The only serious questions I ask get me sort of attacked, usually. That's been my experience. Either I'm attacked or recieve nooo responses at all. My questions on this account have been few and far between, and are of the 'Would you date a [something that GAG disapproves of]?' variety, ahaha. Either that or figures, medical questions, etcetera, 'How long does valium last?' is one of them.

    Honestly? I wouldn't trust this website with my problems. I don't feel safe here.

    I have been helped a lot by friends I've made on here privately, though, and that's been a great help to me, and I think that's a very useful proponent of the website, above just the questions. The questions are ephemeral, but what you learn from the people, the answers, conversations with them, and if you trust them enough to really ask for their advice, that's invaluable. I think it takes a specific kind of person to seek out advice from a place like this.

    • Really... I just thought I was helping people... Maybe I was being.

      Thank You for an honest reply. I really appreciate it.

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    • Never dated an occultist nor a psychedelic drug user, don't have a Mac, don't live in the States (got no idea about IRA), and I have never used Valium either. Sorry but I don't answer questions if I don't have experience or knowledge about it :-(

    • LOL. No, I'm not annoyed with you, LOLOL. I'm just saying, like. You've never profferred to me advice. You may well be helping people. Just the people who've answered my serious questions haven't been, but you weren't *one* of them, you get me?

      IRA are Ireland/Northern Ireland, by the way. Irish Republican Army

  • I've chatted to people on Meebo, who have told me that my advice helped them. So I'm okay with that.

    Similarly, I know I've given some people advice, and they know it's good advice, but they just don't have the courage to do it.

    Those people need a different kind of help, to raise their confidence levels.. and I'm not sure a text based forum such as this one, is really the best place to address that.

  • So far I think I'm too wordy to get my ideas across concisely but so far not really. I got a link to a stupid video so no, not yet at least.