If you were talking to the admins of GAG, what advice would you give them to better the website?

What are your irritants of this site, what are features that could make it better,

I think some kind of chat could make it better-open forum. I miss that feature.

I think the comment/answer word length should be lengthier.

I think more clarification as to why question get deleted so people can know what not to do or how to adjust a question. Basically the vagueness

What do you think?


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  • I agree with a bit of what everyone said on here. My list is not in a particular order:

    1. Put the newest comments on questions back on the bottom, not on the top.

    2. Tell us why our questions were deleted. This happens to me so often, mostly to questions that are completely harmless and have been up for months.

    3. Make the point system better. Lower the cost of items, and let us earn points in more ways, like up-votes (the way it used to be). And maybe add new things we can earn with our points.

    4. Fix the site so that we don't get signed out so often. If I want to chat with a few friends and don't refresh or click on something every few minutes, I get logged out.

    5. Add some more interesting categories, or better ways to sort questions that we want to see.

    I'm sure there are other things I could come up with if I thought more in depth, but these are my major concerns for now. To put it all simply, please care enough to listen to your users so that the site can stop sucking.

    • I would like to change #2. Before officially deleting our questions, they should tell us what's wrong with it and at least give us a chance to fix it, if there is a way to fix it.


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  • I would increase the character limit for comments back.

    I'd change it back to read the comments down not up (cause that's just weird)

    I would let people delete things (maybe even if it just went transparent so only the poster could still see it...everyones posted a question more than once and had to report it and faff around)

    If a comment/question does get removed, tell us why!

  • -stop deleting everything.

    that is all.

    • what question of yours was deleted that most confused you as to why


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    • This will probably get deleted.

  • It's a little messy and hard to navigate around. The print is a little small and there are ads all over the place. Wikihow is a pretty good example. Its color scheme is just different hues of the same color, the main purpose of the page has a larger font. Just that kind of stuff. A few minor adjustments but overall, this is one of my favorite sites.

  • Stop automatically putting questions into the sexuality category when they are first submitted.

    Allow for anonymous commenting on answers.

    bring back number of views for questions

    and More categories


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  • I wish the admins would actually listen to their users and try to improve this site. Tons of people have already brought all of these issues up. The admins don't care about making the site better, as long as it works that's good enough for them.

  • - bring back xper for upvotes

    - comments longer

    - for this site to work better on my ipod and not crash frequently

    • Personally, I like the no xper for upvotes lol. Otherwise I would just state answers for upvotes as opposed to what I really thought

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    • but that happens anyway and I don't think people would mind upvotes

      and downvotes didn't lose xper

    • yes but its not worth points.. that's my point lol

  • I think they should ban anyone over 35, and prohibit humor of any kind.

    • I somewhat agree because some people's "humor" is like some type of reverse inside out sarcasm lol

    • Oh, just what we need, another levity bigot!

    • huh? lol

  • A better point system

    Deleting everyone's questions that havnt been asked a 1000 times

    Making me a moderator lol.

  • To get the instant messenger for mobiles.

  • HUGE turkey statues or icon

  • Set the limit for Xper points to not exceed 3000 like it used to be.

    Notification of when you comment on someone's answer and they comment back.

    Ability to delete questions