Who here is actually a dating/relationship expert? Who here is actually extremely attracitve?

I ask these questions because I would want my answers to come from experts or beautiful woman. Like if I ask a question that pertains to meeting a beautiful woman, I would assume answers from one of these two would be the most valuable.

So, yeah, that is what I am wondering. Who here fits those categories, and do you have some way to back it up, I.E. a book or semi famous modeling shoots?

I am NOT a troll. I am just wondering! Feel free to put your answers as anonymous!


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  • You don't have to be a beautiful woman to know where beautiful women hang out, I'm sure plenty of ugly dudes know that intel =P

    As for the relationship part it's hard for somebody to call themselves an expert on relationships. Each relationship is as unique as the two people in it, it's not like people can go to the University of Love and get a degree on relationships... things are too complicated for that. However, there are definitely people who have better "luck" in love than most others. I'm one of those people. I've always had an easy time attracting guys and keeping them happy in a relationship. So I do consider myself to be adept at relationships I guess you could call it. It's usually not too hard to tell the difference between the ignorant advice and the well-thought out logical advice on here, people don't necessarily have to be deemed experts to give good advice.


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  • Beauty is subjective hahaha so that's hard to say, and modeling is about facial symmetry and not necessarily beauty, also everyone has good input, there are some beautiful girls who have no experiance in relationships/ what have you, who have kow self esteem or have nothing good to say and others who may seem unattractive but have more ecperiance than others.

  • i don't think anyone of us are experts. we all come here with a little bit of exp. in life. :-)

  • I've been told countless times I'm beautiful and all my friends come to me for advice- all the men and all the women. I'm not sure how to quantify either of those into qualifications...

  • Im f***ing beautiful.

  • What is your question?


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