Did anyone else notice that calm, peace promoting questions don't get nearly as much attention as the?

obnoxious, possibly offensive, Egotistical-debate questions? It's like people are more attracted to controversial and negative subjects than the opposite, funny?

Well, if anyone's interested, my previous question was about a A brilliant, inter-faith, comedic, inspiring trio who enlighten people. They all are spiritual leaders in their own faith, they break taboos and have found a common ground which led them to believe that inclusiveness and tolerance are at the core of religion; that the three main ones compliment each other. I really like them.



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  • Not everybody is an intellectual who enjoys reading or rational debate. Lets face it, most people aren't into reading to begin with, which is sad. Too much television will do that to the brain. I made a suggestion to another user on here to read a book about biological differences between male and female minds and how we are really different creatures.

    He just yelled back "that's social programming!"

    There was no hint that he was even considered why I mentioned the book. Combined with the fact that most of the people on this site are 18 or younger, they haven't had much of a chance to develop their emotional maturity, nor are they always that well-read or open minded. Add a dose of hormones, sprinkle a dash of internet anonymity and you have the end result.

    • I completely agree with you. It's like the majority don't know how to use critical thinking. They refuse to be objective and focus on facts, but instead focus on their egos, even if it means side-stepping your arguments and talking about something completely irrelevant. You have a whole generation where the majority of them are people who don't read. If they are gonna be ignorant then at least they shouldn't start debates that are over their heads.

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    • I agree with your ideas but men are much worse. They have huge egos, and age doesn't matter. If anything, the ones over 30 feel more threatened when they are wrong. There was this guy who just does not understand how to use the words "Influence" and "inspire"

    • As men, we no doubt have egos. An older man that has no practical life experience or knowledge that he can bring to an argument is shameful. On balance, I disagree with you. Women will often obfuscate an issue with non-related topics when they are losing the battle with facts, especially younger women. A younger woman that can argue rationally is rare.


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  • yes. that's probably why people ask them

  • It kinda like people like and gravitate to gossip some even secretly feel good when someone else is miserable. Sad

  • Questions such as this get attention because people like controversy

  • not 'funny'. that's human nature. why do you think people love staring at traffic accidents? chaos attracts.

    • Human nature, or human flaw? I personally started avoiding hostile questions and disturbing news. Just because the majority of people are attracted to negativity, doesn't mean we all are. =)

    • to err is to be human. it is in our nature to be attracted to the perverse :)

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  • I learned that lesson easily from being on this site for a bit.

    People are more attracted to things that are spark drama because its entertaining to them. Like take the news for example, people like hearing about what goes on in hollywood and on the red carpet and other form of media news opposed to what's going on in the government, economy, global news , health news, etc.

    People live for drama because it allows them to be the spectator of the controversy instead of being apart of it where it can turn ugly for them. They can even get involved and let their arrogance/ egotistical mind decide their actions.

    • very true. Even in subjects such as religion or politics, people are more prone to answer questions that spark debates and arguments in which we all know will not amount to any progress. Reason being, it's very hard to change someone's beliefs or views on religion and politics.

    • Its what TheDigitalSaint and Slipsender said, Most of the people on here are from 15 - 20, their brains hasn't properly mature and with hormones, they won't simply just pick up a book opposed to watching Jersey shore.

  • People love controversy and insane questions. For some reason, they're more fun.