How has GAG helped your understanding of the opposite gender?

Just wondering how many of you find this website to be doing it's sole purpose. Being really helpful with the other gender whether it's just flirting, sex, relationships & etc.

I've found some of it quite knowledgeable since I slightly have a better understanding of women then I did once before.


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  • It made me realize that boys are full of sh*t too. I thought it was only girls who were..but I now know that both boys and girls are full of sh*t.


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  • i can't say I've learned much about men in particular, no. in fact, I find most guys here just really fit the stereotype, which isn't the case for the men in my life outside of the interwebz.

    that being said, gag has a particular audience, so that really explains everything lol.

    i've learned about sex, stds, pregnancy, and stuff, though.

    but I can't say I'm making an effort to understand men as a whole, because I'm more interested in how people are as individuals, so that's also a factor. I've learned a lot about people on here on a more individual level, some of which are male--or so I think :P


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  • blah women on this site rarely speak the thruth. most of them say things as they see them in their own pretty little world, not as they are in reality

    • So you think that generally every word that comes out of their mouth is just bullsh*t? what a waste of filler.

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    • ^^^ Answerer is correct - I get more candycoated BS answers from girls on this site than ANYTHING else... they lie (some intentionally, some unintentionally) and seldom do you ever really get any answers that "help you"... I mostly frequent this site for entertainment purposes

    • ^^ yup, thangs god I've got my room mates advises lol

  • I was already quite knowledgeable. But it did help me learn some new things, yes.