Should GAG create a feature that lets you know who blocks you and why?

I think it's plain hypocritical and wrong for someone to block you from their questions and profile, yet still have access to yours. I feel like this "If you've blocked me and I'm denied from your activity, then you should be denied from mine." It's only fair. The whole idea of blocking someone really isn't a big deal. It just annoys me that there's someone who has blocked me from their questions, yet they keep popping up on mine. Especially if they give an opinion that I'd like to comment on and I can't. That's not fair. What do you think?

I think GAG should create some kind of feature that lets you know who blocked you and why. Your opinion?


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  • If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on "contact us" and you can submit your idea. In my eyes it is a perfectly valid idea that makes quite a bit of sense.


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  • I kind of wish it were more like Facebook's block feature. If you block someone, neither of you can search or see each other at all :O