Instant messaging on this site?

every now and then, I hear a noise, and I swear its someone trying to instant message me, but since activating my account, I still have no idea how to find out who is messaging, so I need to ask, if someone does I'm you, does it automatically pop up or is there something I'm not doing? cheers, I don't want to come across as ignorant to an I'm is all, and I'm sure I'm getting them lol.


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  • Look at the bottom right hand side of your screen next time that happens and you'll probably see a users name lite up in a box.

    • Now that makes better sense to what I should be looking for lol, thanks for that, I kept hearing a ding but had no idea where I should be looking or even if it was an IM I was recieving, but appreciate your input, hopefully won't miss another lol,x


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  • agreed with annoy user about "palek" I actually did message you . not reply . lol till next time.

    • Ah please let me asure you that it wasn't being ignored, I was unaware I was getting them until recently, which spurred me to ask this question, hopefully next time I would of learnt how to respond,x

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  • I don't care one way or the other. I figger if anyone's so desperate for companionship that they'd instant message ME they must twisted beyond measure and I want nothing to do with them.

    • lol not quite the answer the question warranted, but hey, everyones opinion counts, I take it you don't talk much? and just for the record, I'm not going to IM you lol.

  • It should automatically pop up. There will be a box to the left of the 'friends online' bar and it will be highlighted when someone is trying to chat. And on some rare instances, it won't open up when they do.

  • on the bottom of your screen ull see the meebo bar and the message will be down there. just click on it

    • I see online contacts but have never seen this anything to do with IM's there, its gotta be me lol, just not noticing an IM when they come through, cheers though.

  • Well, at the very right bottom of your page there should be this thing that says "friends", if you click on that, you can see which of your friends are online right now. And well, right on the left next to this thing, is where the chat window pops up when someone IMs you. It doesn't completely pop up, but rather just a button in the bottom line that shows the name of the user who messaged you and a number which says how many messages he/she has sent you. If you click on that button, the chat window open...there you go. It's weird you haven't seen it yet, I mean it's a yellow button appearing on the bottom of your page, I wonder why you couldn't see it before.

    By the way, this guy palek is probably the most useless user on this site. Whenever I see him answering a question, it's ALWAYS either complete sarcasm or some kind of ranting or some disgusting attempt to be funny. He NEVER actually gives a useful answer, barely ever even answering the actual question. Sorry, I just had to get rid of that.

    • Cheers for that, I will look there next time I hear something, and yeah, I know what you mean, I see it a lot myself, cheers.

    • You're welcome!