GirlsAskGuys losing my answer?

A few times now, I've spent a long time makeing a detailed answer to a question, and it has simply evaporated without a trace. Nothing in the cache. I've gotten into the habbit of highlighting my answer and copying it just in case before I preview and submit just in case, but forgot and just got burned again after spending one hour on an answer. Anyone else frustrated?

Update GAG burned me again just now. Not because of delay in submitting my answer. "You have to be Xper Level 4+ to have a link in your post.". You could at least have the decency to allow me to remove the link from my post and then post it. But no, you delete my well crafted thoughts with no remorce or appology or ability to back a page to recover them. I wonder how many people get fed up wtih GAG's unthoughtful behavior , and vote with their feet?


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  • I have been getting a similar problem, don't know if it's the same or not. I will write an answer in the box and click preview, it would try to bring me to the "view answer" type page but it just sits there and I have to refresh the page or go back or something to move it, and thus my answer is gone. I don't know why it happens, but like you I get frustrated because sometimes I do write very detailed and specific answers that I want people to see.

    Like you, I have the habit of copy pasting my answers before I hit the preview answer button, just in case. This is one of those cases as well =P


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  • Sorry for the inconvenience!

    To protect your privacy, you are signed out of GirlsAskGuys automatically after a set amount of time of no activity (i.e., not clicking). I recommend that after you type in your answer (if you have spent a long amount of time typing), highlight the entire answer, copy it, and then preview the answer. If you are signed out, you may automatically paste your copied text into the answer again.

    It might seem a little annoying, but this is to help protect you! :)

    • Seriously? How about setting the timeout to be 2 hours or so. How about poping up a sign in box for identity verification, and then post it. No excuses for forgetting the answer in a non-recoverable way - not even letting me press the back button on my browser!

  • I had a similar problem I had a question removed because I asked it twice I never got a real explanation I was annoyed as then I asked a similar question why were posts removed and they didn't like me asking about gag either and removed my post it would be nice for common curtsy sometimes, but I suppose that's just gag and any websites these days. I eventually mailed them as I feel why have a site if you can't express an opinion and when you do people mark you down which is a bit unfair, but still if I want to use the site then I suppose rules have to be followed even if I don't always agree. Good luck on more posts.


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  • I also experienced this. I do the same (highlight, and copy just in case).