Why can't I send messages to people below level 3?

I sometimes want to friend one if they say something interesting and I usually want to send a short message saying why I added them but I can't. I feel that that is a flaw in the system. What is the rationalle


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  • There are numerous flaws with this site. Just when I get used to something, they change it and actually make it worse, and they never seem to listen to any suggestions by users. It's getting to be like Facebook... absolutely ridiculous.


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  • You can if you add them. But chances are its just to make sure no one signs up and spams people.

  • Yeah, I don't like the restrictions set upon people at low levels. That's weird.

    • I guess it wil stop people joining just to cyber but.. I think it causes harm too

    • Agreed

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  • You can, you just need to be approved as one of their friends.

    • The point is I like to send a message saying why I added the but I can't

    • Well, I would postulate that they do that to prevent spammers from messaging people at low levels. Thus someone needs to stick around for a while or be approved by someone before the can IM or be IMed. Make sense?

    • Well that is the reason I just think it has holes in it