What type of question do you hate the most?

There are many questions that get asked on this site, some are even tedious. Which question(s), or category, of questions to you hate the most?


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  • What annoys me the most are people who ask to rate their appearance but posting it anonymously and not providing any links to any pictures of themselves... just a "description"

    C'mon.. it's like describing how looks a certain painting, hoping to provide a realistic impression!

    • Haha, yeah that is annoying!


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  • How can I get him/her to ask me out/ like me? If you like them then pick up the courage and ask them out. You can't make anyone do anything. Just focus on the things you can control and see if you can reach your goal

  • 1. Makeup or no makeup?

    2. Does he/she like me?

  • Anonymous questions. For serious.

  • "does he/she like me" The heck should I know?

  • Questions of vanity or does he/she like me.


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  • I'll second Love_is_in_the_air. "Does he/she like me?" Those ones always come with this long rambling of pointless and contradicting information. Everyone shows interest in people in different ways. It's impossible to tell for certain based on one scenario. Plus, as people get older, their techniques may change.

    I must admit, though, I probably posted a couple of questions like that when I first joined the site. I think we've all done it at least once.

  • Pointless questions like this.

    • So why are you answering this "pointless" question? And what makes you so special that you have to insult or put down so many people on gag? Sad

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    • woah woah woah! first of all you don't know my life, you can't really judge my personality on the internet. I happen to be one of the most quiet people around strangers and never get into anyones business because I don't like drama, this is actually the only place I can say whatever I want and speak my opinion so I think I deserve it. I never pick on anyone on here but I do give my honest opinion on questions. I seriously do not know what I did for you to dislike this answer so much.

    • Anyways you didn't even give me an example of how I put a person down. I didn't put this person down because she asked me MY OPINION on what questions I don't like on here so I gave it to her. At least I'm an honest person. Anyways I gtg, going to watch a movie with my friends have fun on here! ^_^

  • All the penis questions

  • Questions I don't know

    the answer to =)

    Probably because I like

    to share my knowledge with others

    and consider myself quiet

    knowledgeable when it comes

    to how humans think.

    So I hate it when I can't answer =)

    • (quiet=silent / quite=very)

    • Shame on me for making a typo.

      Thanks for pointing it out I guess? =)

    • Not sure why this would get down-voted..-_- I up-voted you though!