Should there be a penalty for too many anonymous questions--or a bonus for being identifiable?

It's so much more interesting to answer questions from people who are 'out there' than from the always-anonymous. And to read their answers, also. We can connect their opinions to their ethnic/personal histories...

So while I wouldn't advocate getting rid of the anonymous option, there should be an incentive to minimize it at least. Maybe no more than 3 anony questions a week? We limit updates that way, and I don't see the justification..but why not anonymous answers?

I mean, how many questions here are really that sensitive? And how identifiable are most of us anyway, with out avatars, cartoon user names, or pictures of movie stars, etc?. Say 4 points instead of 3.

There are a thousand ways to get people to open up just a little. I doubt you'd lose anyone with anything worthwhile to contribute, and you'd keep some people who get tired of 'flying blind' when answering questions. I'd like to be more insightful, but I can't when I have no idea if the person is Hispanic or Hindu, virgin or vixen...18 or 24! (That's really a whole generation different!)

Oh, and why on earth are anonymous people allowed to block? Its so irritating to compose a good answer and then be told the unknown person has blocked you! At the minimum, people who don't identify themselves should forfeit being able to block-- .no one could be trolling them or anything like that!

  • Leave anony-mousey questions unlimited
    Vote A
  • Limit them to 3 a week
    Vote B
  • Give say 4 points to non-anony-mousey questions
    Vote C
  • Other--please describe
    Vote D
  • Leave unlimited but anony-mousey people can't block anyone
    Vote E
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It's ridiculouse when 90% or so of the questions are anonymous. Very few of these are sensitive or personal to any extent.
Teh first question that came up today was 'How can you tell if a girl ikes you or is she just being friendly?

Why on earth does that have to be anony-mouse? So few of the anony-mouse questions are anything really personal.


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  • Or you can just make it so anonymous questions/answers get no points at all. I agree about anonymous people being able to block too. You can't block them either which makes no sense.

  • yeah to each their own. people ask anonymous questions for personal reasons. or answer them anonymously for personal reasons as well. there was an incident on here that happened a while ago and I felt really bad for question asker. it was sorta like bullying and I finally posted an anonymous response in her defence (I was the only girl on here who said anything and didn't want to be ganged up on either) thank god I haven't really seen anything like that since but that may be contributing to some of the anonymity on here.

  • no, no and no lol leave it as it is.

    what else do you want, a background check/credit check and a dna test also ?

    Put yourself in someone elses place, everything on this site can be googled and it open on the internet to everyone.

    If you were a woman would you want to ask personal/sexual questions on this site?

    Do you know how many guys message girls on meebo thinking this is a dating site as it is, I could imagine how many inappropriate messages/meedo chats girls would have to deal with then.

    So many girls wouldn't be able to ask questions here.

    Not just girls but guys also, would you want to ask if your p*nis size was to small and not be able to click anonymous ?

    Personal history and their ethical background should make zero difference when it comes to answering the questions on this site.

    It's an opinion site, you're not dr. phil.

    People will put as much info in the question as they want you to know and if you need something beyond that, then simply don't answer their question...

  • Thanks for your input. Many of our members love the anonymous feature, and we don't want to penalize them for that. You always have the option to not respond to questions asked anonymously, and don't forget that you can select "No Anonymous Answers" on every question you ask (as you have done here). This will reduce the anonymous experience. Many subjects are sensitive, which makes the anonymity appealing. We appreciate your feedback though!

    • I'd say about 85% of the questions here are anonymous, and very few are really anthing embarrassing or personal, even assuming the person asking could be identified since usually they have an avatar/fake picture/blocked profile/unifentifiable user name...anyway!

  • No, Marty... People need to ask what they need to ask, and should feel comfortable doing so. If a little Cyrano de Bergerac syndrome hits them, they should still be able to ask their question and get real answers...

    • But they doh't really get real answers whe we don't know anything about them..

    • We don't *have* to know too much about them to answer a simple question...

      If it's an insulting/inappropriate question -- or "nonsense" -- one can request that it be removed by GAG Admin...

  • I like to use anonymous when I ask/answer sexual questions or answer questions where the asker seems enraged, because you end up being harassed on some sites in those two instances. There are a lot of lunatics online ... If you want stats about a person, ask them in the question and a lot of the anonymous users will include the details.

    • How many questions on here are really personal? And even for the ones that are, most of us aren't identifiable with our fake user names and pictures or avatars..and private profiles

    • No, but being bombarded by someone insulting you or sending explicit sexual materials via private message is really annoying. I've not had it happen on this site as much as other sites, though.

  • I use anonymous questions a lot because my ex is on here as well. I don't want to block him (we aren't on that bad of terms) but at the same time I want to keep a lot of things personal, and the chance he could check at some point makes me use the anonymous option more than I would have otherwise.

    • Does't your ex already know most of what you might say here?

    • Not anymore. We haven't talked at all in weeks, not much in months, and I'm asking things about a guy I'm dating.

  • lol no anonymous answers allowes


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  • I think anyone who asks over 10 anonymous questions within a one-year period should be automatically ranked "-1, Coward Level"

  • Hmm, that is an interesting I idea maybe suggest it to a mod or something.

  • I am in favour of making the Anon flag available to level 3 users and up, but not newbies who only come here to troll.

    And I'd be in favour of removing the Anon flags of people who troll and abuse the system.

    Beyond that, I think it's okay as is.

  • What's the point? The reason why there is an incentive to begin with it to encourage people to create new content. Anonymous people create new content just like exposed people. All that would do is encourage less content, meaning less interest to keep users stuck on the site, thus less traffic to be monetized into advertising revenues. It would be a bad business move that lead to loss of the user base and reduced profits. =S

  • Might agree on the last part.

    As for anony questions, people should be able to use them.

    As for points, do people actually do things on purpose to get them?

    • Re update:

      A week or so ago a woman asked whether a certain handbag looked. Ice and if it was too formal. She asked that anonymously. I tried to answer and she had me blocked.

      Actually the few women who have me blocked seem to be anonymous 100% of the time. I wonder if they do it so people don't know who blocked them.

    • Why should anonyous people be able to block at all?

  • Leave em, I don't see the point of getting rid of of it

    and a user can just go block on their profile

    so it doesn't matter if a question is asked or not

    • Right, they can already block their profiles, so why do they have to go anonymous? That's my point.

    • they might not want the person to know

  • I've learned it's better to reward than to punish. So bonus.