Why is "keep doing what you're doing" a weird response when you asked about your figure?

to the young lady who posted her pic and asked for opinions on her figure: why exactly were you offended/weirded out? I don't think there was anything strange about what I said. I wanted to apologize/explain, but you blocked me. whatever. but for the record, I'm a personal trainer, I was just saying don't change your diet and exercise regimen, you have a nice figure. hope that clears up any misunderstanding. no need to block me, I have no reason to mess with anyone...i'm a grown man!


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  • Also note to self that there are a lot of people on here that ask a question that only want to hear the answer that they want to hear or confirm their own belief. I've learned to not take personally, you sound like a great person because you care and feel reassured that you did do the best you can to clear it up by posting this ! God Bless


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  • ha! I saw her answer and I was like wtf.

    You said nothing offensive.

    • hahaha, thanks. probably just a misunderstanding, but I was pretty confused. not even trying to harass her, just don't want to leave anyone unintentionally offended.

  • maybe because she was looking for you to say she had a hot bod, or something more exciting than what youi said? I didn't see the pic.


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