All NON-anonymous GAG users, have you thought about NOT answering questions by anonymous users?

I mean because most of their questions seem to be trolling or offensive. And then they answer in such an offensive manner, then block us. Have you ever thought about just not answering many (not all) of their questions? Especially the troll-like questions? Maybe they would stop?


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  • The anonymous option doesn't bother me at all until they block you and continue trolling your questions anonymously (whereby you cannot block them yourself).

    Troll-like questions I rarely answer, or give my very own troll-like response.

    And I don't think the rude/offensive anonymous questions make up the majority. They merely get the most attention.


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  • Who cares?

    Anonymous questions are from real people.

    If I sense a troll, I go on to the next question.

    I've become more selective in the questions I respond to.

    Most of the 18-ane-under can be classified as:

    "How do I know if he or she likes me?" (Insecurity)

    "I'm really shy, ..." (self-absorption. Answer? Think about the other person instead of yourself.)

    "What do I do to get his attention?" (Guys are dense).

    Somewhere around under-18 to 24+ questions are about external appearance ("What looks nice on me..." "What styles do guys/girls like."). The answer is not in the external appearance. It's way more important to change what's on the inside. Then they are beautiful on the outside, not matter what the physical appearance.

    The 18-24 group has relationship questions. They are more challenging to respond to because they have more life experience. They also may want confirmation for decisions they've already made. Life deepens around age 20 for women. Men (as usual, poor gullible dears) are about 5 years behind.

    The 25-29s are usually in really tough situations and need real answers.

    The 30s+ you wonder why they haven't learned this before. Repeat relationships are in this category. Don't be offended because you're over 45. So am I.

    But then I'm constantly learning, even from the 18-and under.

    Maturity doesn't come from years.

    When someone says (read: needs to say) I have x years of experience, I wonder whether it's x years of experience or one year's experience x times. It's not experience, it's effectiveness that counts.

  • A pox upon them all!

  • No not really. I tend to give more attention to the non-anon questions, but if there's a question I think I can help with I'll answer an anon's question too.

  • Honestly, I mostly scroll pass them unless a certain question catches my eye...=\

    I just don't get the anonomous status, I mean I'm basically anonomous, in that I have no pictures or name up...why don't more people jus t do that?

  • The only time I find anonymous questions quite troublesome is when asking anonymously is detrimental to it. The most prominent example would be a person asking anon if "they would look good in this..." yet provide no picture.


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  • In general, I think the anonymous option is a positive thing. It enables people to feel comfortable being honest when they might otherwise be too nervous. I admire people who aren't anonymous even with controversial topics, but I think it's nice to offer both options. But it does bother when an anonymous person has blocked me and I can't block them back, or when I put a lot of effort into an answer for an anonymous user only to find out that they've blocked me and I can't submit it. I think the system needs to be tweaked to prevent those issues.

    But I'm more likely to respond to users who aren't anonymous.

    • I think you bring up the pt. that most frustrates me...they can block you & jump you're sh*t, but you cannot block their rants. I get that a lot of anon's are reg. member's who are too nervous to ask w/out anon, that's fine. They, hopefully wouldn't rant out. It's the strictly anons that get me mifted.

    • Yeah, I agree with that. And I honk here must be some way to prevent that from happening so much by establishing more rules. For example, limiting the number of anon responses per day, or changing it so that if you ask a question anonomously people you've blocked can still answer, etc.

  • I've decided that I could care less. People who react the way they do, most likely have no friends or rationality in reality,so they hide behind the screen.Also,if any user does not like comments from such users,you could easily report such offensive comments.And they will be deleted.

  • i like to stay away from troll questions yes (-_^)