If you could make up to three changes to GaG...

If you could make up to three changes to this site, what would they be? For simple guidelines let's say you can add things and modify things, but you can not completely remove anything. I would do the following.

1.) QAs would not be able to allowed to up/down answers to their own questions.

2.) You would be able to get notification of activity on an answer you commented on. (Let's say you can turn this on or off)

3.) Questions would not a have length requirement.

I'd also like them to show age results in polls.


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  • There are so many things that could make this site better, but I agree with what most other people have said.

    1. Fix the point values. This can mean either raising how many points we get for doing things, or lowering how many the prizes cost. They should also give points for more things, like upvotes.

    2. It would be cool if we could take down our own questions once we've gotten enough answers, but without taking any points away from anyone who answered or asked the original question.



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  • 1) no anonymous quests or answers

    2) once blocked, no contact. ( can't comment, see Q&A etc.)

    3) no more "question updates" notifications.

    • As much as anons annoy me, I do respect that option under limited circumstances such as questions dealing with medical conditions.

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    • erm "rings" should be "things"

    • Exactly. Or placing limitations on the amount a anonymous post you can place per month.

  • There's nothing that really bothers me, except I'd make it optional to log on to meebo.

    • I'm pretty sure if you just click "Sign off Meebo" it won't sign you in each time you log into GaG. (:

    • I dunno, it signs me in automatically whenever I log into GAG. It's pretty easy to just sign back out but it would be nice if it were just optional altogether.

    • Unfortunately, like TheoryofAvarice below, it signs me on EVERY TIME I log on. It's just annoying to have to reply to someone when you weren't planning on staying online, but it's not a big deal.

  • Live chat nstead of the Live feed.

    Comments notifications on other users answer(s)

    Get rid of the Wall and Reality check.

  • I'd make the background of the site pink but leave the questions color the way it is, or just put any other color but not gray, I am tired of the gray color.

    Cancel all the stupid ADS that are so annoying.

    Make a girlsaskguys application.


What Guys Said 10

  • 1. fix the mobile version for ipods or make an app

    really annoying to use as it is

    2. xper for upvotes back

    3. remove our own questions/answers/comments

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    • some kight have details which show you

      if you uploafed the question

      why can't you delete it

    • This is true. I was imaging a scenario in which the question was a good one and helpful to others.

  • 1) A waiting period on blocking, so that anonymous question askers can't debate a responder, then block him so he can't respond.

    2) The ability to flag anonymous users so that they can no longer use the anonymous feature.

    3) Give mods or admins the ability to track IP addresses so they can more quickly respond to losers setting up satellite accounts to abuse the site without repercussion.

  • Everyone who uses the site should have to give me five dollars. Everything else is fine.

  • 1) Add the ability to edit my own content (questions/answers/comments) for small spelling errors.

    2) Remove the auto correct thing. It replaces words sometimes. It doesn't know what I am trying to say and it is annoying.

    3) Auto hide all content from people I have blocked. I should be able to open it at a click of the mouse if I chose to, but I should have the option just to ignore their content.

  • 2.) You would be able to get notification of activity on an answer you commented on.

    I was going to say that one ^^^

  • B/A for both a guy & a girl.

    One worst answer.

    STOP those damn pop ups!

    • I agree with BAs for both a guy and girl!

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    • That's a good point. I wish I knew why someone downered me. Are my facts wrong?

      Just say why you did that.

      We don't all agree on how everything should be handled.

    • Lupianwolf;

      true but there are so many anonymous answers it would be hard to single one person out every time.

      Some people put no thought into their answer. They just want the points.

  • Three changes.

    1) Nobody would block me

    2) Admin wouldn't remove my stupid answers

    3) I'd always get "best answer"

  • 1. Make me president of GAG.

    2. Make a mobile version for GAG.

    3. Bring back chat or establish a non-xper zone for people to socialize about meaningless topics.

  • 1. No mods.

    2. No censoring foul language.

    3. A forum of some kind.

  • Lupian has covered it except for #3 I think you should see who blocked you & what mods took down your Q&A's

    • Why would it be beneficial to be able to see who removed your Q&A's? - would that not make us targets. Mods do not have final say in what gets removed anyways.

    • Target or not, if you had the gut to report it why not be upfront about it.