Have you ever come across anyone unique on this site?

I haven't yet although there are so many nice and helpful souls here who go all the way out to help me with my questions even when I go anonymous and I really appreciate them. :) How about you?Thank you!


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  • once a long time ago she opened up to me told me her personal secrets and she was very beautiful too I could of easily fall in love with her if she wanted me... but lately a lot of girls on here seem to be the collage, rich, stuck up, self centered, snobs, so currently ...no


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  • If by unique you mean someone really caring and helpful that I could see myself being friends with or more in real life then yeah. There have been a few people on here in the past. I have made a few good friendships here but its hard to make them work sometimes if you are too busy or they live really far away and stuff. But there have been many people that have helped me learn things and how to do certain things better. I have come across 3 unique people.

  • A few. you need to dig a bit deeper than the public domain to get to know them but ya also have to get through some...well ya know.

  • Oh absolutely yes!

    DianaDDreamer is a real Princess!

    We're going to meet IRL soon.


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