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So this year I was thinking about not voting and I was wondering how other people felt. Check out the poll below

  • I hardcore follow politics and will vote
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  • I hardcore follow politics but do not engage in voting
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  • I do not hardcore follow politics but I will still cast my vote
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  • I am not going to vote
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  • Everyone who is eligible should vote. Our founding fathers fought many wars to earn you that right. In short, you are insulting them and our country for ignoring the privilege. Do you know how many people in other countries would and do kill for this right!?!? I am not old enough to vote yet but I still actively follow politics and go to many political debates. I discuss the candidates with my friends and family, because I actually care what happens to America. People these days have no idea how lucky they are to live in a country that holds free elections. It's really quite depressing.

    • I just don't think the process is effective. I feel like I'm just spinning in circles. Everybody think they have the answer which stagnates the country. Ever seen people on here talk about politics? ridiculous

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    • For one, what you said about personal beliefs is not always true. I know many people who just vote however their church, family, or friends vote, even though they have no fricken clue what their candidate stands for.

      For two, I agree with what you said about polotics. What I meant was people just don't look into candidate's views enough. They just listen to other people without forming their own opinion.

    • yeah I totally agree


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  • I vote because I can, but when we all vote it really doesn't matter the idiots in charge don't care about our views, opinions & choices but theirs. :/

  • i don't vote. never have never will

    • mind sharing why

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    • yep I agree. they try to "fix" them yet more problems arise. its a never ending battle. george washington was in presidency from 1789-1797 and he couldn't solve world issues.. we are now in 2012 and even more problems. if we had this many presidents yet nobody can fix anything why keep voting?

    • agree and I'm starting to see it.

  • I pay attention but I'm not all hardcore about it

  • One person with the idea that "my vote doesn't matter so I don't give a sh*t about voting" isn't a big deal. But when over half the population thinks that sh*t gets real.

    It's true that you, as an individual, don't make a difference but most people think that, so most people don't vote and if they all voted that really could drastically change the outcome. So always vote, and always encourage others to vote.

    • IDK - I lived in IL at one point, and I'm NOT a democrat. I'd classify myself somewhere between Republican and Libertarian (Ron Paul, anyone?)... but, I truly would see no point to vote living in a state like that. 100% the vote is going to sick-o Obama this time around. Ugh. He sickens me.

  • I hate everything about politics


What Guys Said 6

  • i'm thinking the exact same thing.

  • i think everyone should vote, even if they just write on the paper that none of the above get their support. people have fought for democracy for years, and many people are still denied that right, so I don't understand why people who get the chance to vote wouldn't.

    • to me it seem inefficient like I don't ever see change

  • i'm going to vote for obama simply because he's not an old boring white guy

  • I voted D because it doesn't matter who wins, we loose.

    • how did you vote but so far no guys voted d lol

    • but I sorta leaning to that too.

  • I wouldn't say I'm hardcore following, but it's not really casual either.

    And imo, if you don't vote (hell, you can at least write yourself in or vote for a third party who is actually a good candidate) then you don't have a right to complain at all.

    • write yourself in? those don't count as I understand it.

      And yeah I see myself just caring less while using my energy to make the best out of the hand I'm dealt

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    • As I understood it I thought a person had to go through a process to be on a ballot. Furthermore, I thought its a process to be president even if that person did get voted in. For example, I think there is some kind of board presidents nominees have to do something with.

      Idk I could be wrong but I thought it was a process to be president.

      I doubt they actually count those votes even if it is the law. all laws aren't taken seriously. Hence illegal immigration

    • You and other scan still write whoever you want onto the ballot and vote for them though. There's nothing against that.

      But to go out and publicly say you're running for congress/presidency/whatever you do need to officially register. But if no one on the ballot is appealing to you then you can write anyone you want on there. Even if the person is dead and they still have to count it.

  • I can't had a minor legal issue at 19

    • i think that so unfair.. you are still apart of this country smh

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    • Must've been a bad mistake? My Boyfriend was charged with a Class one (or X - I can't remember) felony for selling drugs, and he's allowed to vote. No gun card for him, though.

    • Alcohol related and aggravated!