Do you sometimes think people know you've answered a question, even though you're anonymous?

I don't think I've phrased that very well :T. What I'm trying to say is... sometimes when I answer a question (or ask one) anonymously, some users on here might know that the person answering (or asking) is me. It doesn't bother me, but it just makes me wonder if the way I write shows a little of my personality and people just know it's me. Kinda like the same way you'd recognize someone's voice if you couldn't see them... but with text, haha.

Anyways, my question is, do you ever think that some users on here (I'm not talking about friends outside of GaG) recognize your answers even though you're anonymous? And, do you ever recognise who is answering a question, even if they are anonymous? I sometimes do :)

To make things slightly more interesting, answer anonymously so that other people could have the opportunity to guess who is answering. And, if they guess correctly... reveal yourself! Haha, you can also try to guess who I am :p


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  • I'm very keen about that sort of thing. Freakishly keen. I've had to keep my mouth shut a few times for the sake of preserving friendship.

    • By the way, your identity is obvious unless you're good at replicating someone else's text habits.

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    • One more thing... why am I overrated?

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  • You obviously suffer from acute paranoia which is why you answer inane questions in an obscure forum anonymously to begin with.

  • Well, whenever I see a question that someone else asked earlier, I give them the same answer as I gave to the previous person. If someone remembers what I wrote before (non-anonymously), and then sees my answer again (anonymously), then they might know that it was me. Other than that, I doubt it.

  • i kinda wonder the same thing they can only see your anonymous ?s when you don't post anything anonymous through your profile

    and I can't guess who you are I don't know you at all

  • It depends on how much experience they have reading your writing, I guess.

    I know a few people on GAG by their writing style. I'm sure they know me too.


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