Is it a new thing that you can only message friends unless they de-select the option?

I tried to message someone and it said only fiends could send messages I check my profile settings and that option was selected too. So I had to deselect it if I wanted to get messages.


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  • i just looked at my settings and seen it too, pretty lame. I tried to adjust it so anyone can message me but it won't save :/

    • I had to try several times

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    • finally it worked. why do they make something that should be easy so hard tho?

    • Not sure lol


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  • Thanks for noticing! :)

    To help prevent Spam in your GirlsAskGuys inbox and on your GirlsAskGuys Wall, there is now a new option under "Settings." This will allow you to receive messages ONLY from your GAG friends. By default, this option will be checked for everyone. However, if you do want to receive messages from anyone, regardless of being friends or not, you can un-check the option that says "Only friends can send me messages and write on my wall."

  • Well that's bullsh*t. I changed mine now, except it actually worked and I didn't have to reselect it 5 times like other people.


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  • I tried to deselect it but when I tried to save the changes it was re selected :-(

  • I just deselected it too, after reading this. Definitely new.

    • Thought so, I think the option is OK but it should not be selected by default.

    • I don't know why they made the change. They already made it so that you can't message someone if you aren't level 3, that eliminated the indian and chinese pervs who were just here to lech girls almost entirely, I've never heard complaints of that since. This is too long after the fact to be relative to that change