You have 50 thousand dollars and want to compete against GAG.

Ok you have 50 thousand dollars. You want to compete against the market of gag and have a similar social networking site. What would you site be like and how would it be different than gag? Do you have open chat rooms? Can you block anonymous users? What is so special, fun, and fair about your site? How much advertisements would you have on the pages. Point system? What rewards do you give out?

Thnx for all the answers. It was tough to choose the best one also :P


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  • Hmmm...good question, I suppose I would answer the complaints on here on there. I would have universal chatrooms, put into categories like the type of questions like, a dating chat room, a style chat room, sexuality chat rooms ( which I will assume will be filled with guys.) I would have mods act properly or if they aren't doing a good enough job, they will have their powers revoked.

    I guess I would make it like a mini Facebook, where the music your listening to will also appear in your status on the messenger from your media player on your PC/MAC. Better rewards , like more gift cards for more popular stores, you could read up news articles as well have a discussion as well, Daily/Weekly topics,More unique/fun contests, etc.


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  • Combine myspace, Facebook and GaG


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  • open chat rooms and don't try to make so much money from ads, if you look at their alexa ranking it has dropped significantly.