Do you think there are users here which go unnoticed and unappreciated?

I find when questions used to go around about who people thought were popular and great users that a lot of the stronger characters and users were left out, often gone unappreciated


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  • Definitely, but questions about specific users are not allowed on GAG.

    You just have to expect that the good helpful users get talked about via word of mouth.


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  • Yeah - lots of them.

    I guess it's to do with a few things.

    The times they're online - a lot of people notice people who are active when they are, so if you're posting mostly when lots of people aren't on - you're going to get noticed by fewer people.

    How they use the site - some people use the site socially - they'll chat to people, make friends on here, and make themselves memorable and popular - then their answers/questions will get more attention. Others will just simply answer questions, or at least use it less socially - and thus might fly under the radar a bit.

    Good advice is subjective a lot of the time. I've seen users who I think give good advice in situations and had lots of people either downvote it - or turn round and disagree.

    But honestly - I don't think it's a big deal. As long as the person they're giving advice to takes notice, then goal achieved as far as I'm concerned.

  • Yes and it's kind of sad..

  • I agree. It's probably because those users tell them what they want to hear, but the other users stay strong with their opinions.

  • Yup! Lots!