How many different dating ads have you seen on GAG?

Ok so I actually just started paying attention to these dating adds that pop up in the middle or top of the page . The ads to me are funny and never cease to make me laugh or amaze me. They had one for guys seeking Asian women, women seeking millionaire men, etc. Have you noticed them and have you actually tried them out? What are the different ones you've seen on here. How do you feel about them?

Just found a Firefox ad blocker and all that crap on this site is gone. I'm ad free now =)


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  • none, I have adblocker.

    • maybe I should turn on my add blocker then. so you don't see ads for credit cards in the bottom left corner or one about spiced rum? and adds about cars that come um from the right bottom corner of the screen?

    • i don't see ads anywhere or on any site pretty much, it's one of the greatest things ever.

    • hmm. on my computer its along the lind of the gag chat bar with the news and the Facebook like button. ha ha I think imma go and try to find out how to turn the add blocker on now ha ha because they have become a nuisance at times ha ha its only this gag site though that does that when I'm online, nothing else. Strange


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  • I have an ad blocker so I've never seen an ad on here

  • Enough, to know when to get an ad blocker.


What Girls Said 2

  • Um about 3 that I always see, there may be more but I always try to ignore the ads on here.

  • Never had any dating ads pop up. The ads generally pertain to whatever you've been searching on the internet recently.

    • i doubt it because I don't search stf like that. Like right now there's an "half ebay ad" I haven't researched anything and its in the question box on my screen right now so I highly doubt that. I think its random

    • My ads always related to my recent internet browsing.

    • sorry but my computer doesn't do that its just this specific site that does that