Do you think that the GAG gifts through Xper detract from the purpose?

This is an advice website and often times I notice people joining and contributing only or the free Amazon gift card or whatever. I understand that Xper was an incentive to make people want to contribute to the site in a positive and helpful way. Instead it seems to be jammed with those only seeking free items. I just feel bad for those who are struggling and join this site to get help and have to face people who minimize their problems and give them advice that is diluted.


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  • We do try and stop people from using the site just to earn xper. We do delete one word answers and troll/spam/nonsense answers and questions. If someone has repeat answers/questions removed they risk there account being deleted.

    • Just to add, Chat/instant messenger service is ment to be coming back to GAG :)

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    • Google I'm assuming. Since they are taking over the world.

    • Haha, they seem to be taking over the world at this current time!


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  • People have different reasons for being on this site. I'm sure that some are here mostly because of the incentives, but there's also people here who genuinely want to help people with their problems or who are genuinely seeking advice. There are others who are here because they enjoy the social aspects, enjoy debate and discussion and understanding other people's points of view. And there are also people here simply because they're bored and/or want to troll.

    I think that the people here solely for gift cards are likely the minority. Most people probably just see it as a bonus and would be here even if the incentives weren't offered.

    I would say that the advice on this site isn't the greatest. The majority of people on this site are quite young, so there are a lot of people who don't have much insight and experience (though by no means am I saying that there aren't young people here who give great advice). I also get the feeling that most people aren't interested in in-depth advice. I've had some people tell me that I write too much, and even that they didn't bother reading my advice because it was "too long" (and also, GAG isn't very conducive to giving thorough advice or including lots of details when asking for advice, as the character limits are quite low). Also, this site is pretty broad in it's content and a lot of people use GAG for socializing, so the content here is much different from more subject-specific sites.

    Despite the fact that many complain about moderators deleting things for stupid reasons, the moderation here is pretty lax. For example, another site that I use will delete any question that is off-topic, isn't asking for advice, or doesn't include important information (i.e. if you're asking a relationship question, you need to include the age and sex of the people involved, the length of the relationship, etc. to help people better answer your question). This helps provide more focus and better quality questions/advice.

    I'd say that GAG is in the mid-range for advice sites. There are sites where the quality of questions and advice is much lower, and there are sites where the quality is much higher. That said, I think it has more to do with the types of people this site attracts rather than necessarily the result of the site offering incentives.

  • For the most part, we feel that the members are here to give and receive and advice, and truthfully, many of our members never redeem their points - they are here for the quality interaction and the supportive community. It really is a unique site.

    But there's always a few people who don't participate in that respect. If you ever feel that there are posts that are simply there to earn points, or there are members who are making pointless remarks just to earn Xper, please report them. Pointless remarks such as "I don't know, figure it out for yourself," "who knows, good question," "stupid question," or "depends," etc. are removed, and points are not earned. Thanks for your help with this! :)


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  • not really it gives people a reason to leave more answers sometimes for questions they wouldn't normally answer

  • Look there is one person in this link that wants Xper gifts in the woman section.


  • People who are only interested in collecting Xper, generally just give short unhelpful answers.

    That doesn't detract in any way from the advice the QA can get from other users.