If it were possible, would you remove the chat feature, from your profile on this site?

CHAT IS BACK! I TOLD all of you it wasn't gonna be gone forever! :-D

Now that it's back on, after being gone for several weeks...all of us got a true taste of what this site is like, without the ability to directly I'm with other logged in users.

My question is...if you could go into the settings and be able to be auto-signed-out from the chat on this site AT ALL TIMES (instead of logging in, being auto-signed in, THEN having to be sign out)...


...would you do that?

Will you check, or uncheck, that box if that option was unavailable?

Please vote and explain your choice so everyone (including the admins *wink wink*) can see your input.

Share your experiences as well as to why you would, or would not, want to use the chat feature.

Thanks for answering. 8-)

  • I'd check the box; no chat for me
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  • I wouldn't check the box; I'd want to use the chat
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I woke up at 7am this morning, still half asleep. I checked my profile.

    I went back to bed.

    I woke up 2hours later, laying in bed, I was thinking about how I had this crazy dream that chat is back.

    I signed in later. It was not a dream.

    • Same here.

      I logged in, used to the chat not being there...and then after I ask a question I said "wtf is that" cauz I saw my avatar of a dope-ass drawing of the pokemon Gyarados down there.

      And I said "oh sh*t...chat is back".



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What Girls Said 7

  • I would check the box.

    I don't like the chat feature. I prefer to answer questions and talk to people like that. Or they can message me.

    Im just not a very talkative person.

    And some guys on this site are a bit pervy.

  • I'd rather just stay signed out automatically. It's a pain having to sign out every time I log in.

  • Yeah probably, I don't ever start conversations with people. If you talk to me I might talk but I could care less...I won't use it so...

  • I hate hate HATE the chat feature on here. Most of the people who talk to me on here are males. Most of the males who talk to me on here are perverts. One guy opened a chat with me and said, "Penis." Yeah, he was blocked. Another asked me about the condition of my pubic hair. Another asked about the size of my boyfriend's d***. Another asked about the sensations felt during anal sex. Another asked me to talk dirty to him because he was horny. I never replied to any of these and blocked them all. It'd save me a lot of trouble if I could just eliminate it period.

    • Do any females message you at all on the chat?

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    • Ppl do that EVERYWHERE on the internet lol

    • I wish they wouldn't. It's annoying lol

  • I would

  • I'd keep it off permanently... Creepy guy sent me a picture of a penis >_< Maybe my fault for speaking to him, but he wasn't being creepy before that, and to be fair I did not know it was going to be a penis. UUGGHHH

  • no because I can just sign out whenever I like and stay signed out


What Guys Said 6

  • I always sign off chat.

    It's just as easy.

  • I'm kind of like new to this site so not sure what the chat feature is about, I only used this site to get advice on how to get my girlfriend back which helped. I don't mind asking or answering questions but if the chat is like an instant messaging then no I wouldn't. My reason is because I already have family, my girlfriend and friends who I'm in constant communication with and that's like my personal space.

    • This chat thing keeps popping up how do I get rid of it?

    • Once you sign in, click on the w. the teal and yellow on it, and click "sign off Meebo".

      Do that every time you logged in and you chat will be disabled.

    • Thanks man

  • I'd have liked it to come back with a screen/editor one can use without a looking glass.

  • i'd definitely do that. I almost never use the chat thing anyways so it was no biggie

  • Doesn't matter to me anymore.


    Thanks to this little add on, I never have to worry about chat again!

  • I love the chat feature