I can only reply to a question 2 times?

I have just joined this group and was trying to answer someone's question. And I find out I cannot continue helping this person because I am only allowed to reply to a question thread 2 times. What's with that? I'm trying to help someone and you won't let me! Not a great forum. Maybe I'll work on redirecting people to somewhere where they can actually get some help.

Well judging from what I'm seeing happening here, I can see that you are all much more interested in mindless trivia than actually helping people. I will make that known.

To the person I was trying to help - your symptoms tell me you NEED to consult with your doctor regarding your recent change. PLEASE do this.


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  • Yeah sometimes this's annoying when you can't reply only one time.

    But I think because each time you reply you gain 3 Xper point.. which means if you reply 2 times this's 6 Xper points only for one question. And they don't want that, they want you to gain your Xper points when you answer/ask many questions.

    But if you really want to help that person, add him as a friend if you can or just reply/comment on your answer and he can receive it. What else can you do?! xD


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  • I feel that way too. Sort of like you can only ask 2 questions every six hours!

    Thank you for this question. You are not alone!

  • you can always try clicking on their name and messaging them, unless of course they are annoyn, then it suks :(

    i feel for you, I try to help people too and get frustrated sometimes.


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  • You can add as many comments to your answer, as you like. There's no need to answer the question more than once, let alone more than twice.

  • I know which topic you're talking about. See if you can add that person as a friend. Then send emails / IM's back and forth (as long as the person accepts you as a friend) and then you can decide to keep that person as a friend if you want.