Do you feel pressured when a friend on here asks you to answer a question you normally wouldn't?

When a friend asks me on here to answer a question I feel a little bit of pressure but If I don't view them as a good friend I already know that my answer will be no. How do you react? Do you answer simply because it was requested or do you take in to consideration if the person would/has done the same for you?


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  • Well whatever this question is, if they are a good friend at all they wont' be pressuring you to answer something you don't feel comfortable talking about. If I was in this situation I would play it off in some humorous way or in a serious way tell them that I don't want to talk about it.


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  • tell him you don't want to answer it because it makes you feel uncomfortable

    and I thought of this quote


    It depends on how uncomfortable it made me

    If it really made me uncomfortable than no but if it was a little bit then I would do it

    and it would make a difference to me if I know they would've done it for me but I wouldn't do it because I felt I 'owed' them

  • Not at all. I take it as compliment when they request my opinion.

  • I'll usually look it over and give them an answer, if not on the question itself, then through chat or pm. All they want to do is hear your view, it's not like they are asking for your SSN...

    • Lol I know they aren't asking for personal info but some people ask you to answer a question and then when they don't like your answer they get pissy and stop talking to you until they post another question and want you to answer again. I feel like it's a trap if they're going to act like that when I offer my opinions the first time why should I do it again?

    • That's when you hit the unfreind button next to their name. =P If they only come to you when they "need something" then they aren't a friend anyway. If they harass after they "use you" then they're an a**hole. =D

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  • What I really hate is when they friend me JUST so they can ask me a personal question.