Are there any ways that GAG has been less than helpful to you?

My experience on GAG has been generally positive. However, I've been a bit curious lately. Has GAG in any way, at one point or another, been LESS THAN helpful to you? And I don't mean complaining about the mods or admin folks. I'm talking about not getting answers, dealing with trolls, etc. Just curious.

Oh yeah, this also includes wrong or bad advice.


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  • Yes, in the beginning I learned that if you write a long question or answer it will not be read. The sad part is the longest questions are always the ones that are actually tough and the ones that really matter. It would get annoying when I would ask a question that I put a lot of effort into and really needed some advice but would not get any answers, or I would and it'll just be a couple of words, while others ask random short non-important questions and get like 20 detailed answers. Now, I just shorten my questions as much as I possible can and get some great answers. That's the only thing that annoyed me about GAG, except for people asking questions when the answers is completely obvious. For the most part though I love this site and I've learned a lot.

    • I totally agree. I'll see a question and the first couple of lines, but when I go to read the whole thing, there's way too much detail for me to remember and give a good, effective answer for it.

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  • Other than one or two occasions, it really hasn't been "helpful". It's more of a past time for me.

    I've gotten to know a few interesting people here though.

  • i just dnt like when you ask simple questions and pple judge you or act rude. I feel like if you dnt like the question skip it.

    other than that I enjoy giving advice and that's why I'm here to put my two cent in lol but I think its a good place for a lot of pple to learn something new...although a lot of the answers can be found on google lol


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  • After three and a half years, it's been so-so to sum it up. Just use it to kill time these days.

  • In a few ways:

    1. If anyone has ever played Castlevania II they will know about when the game grinds to a halt and changes to night where lots of stronger and nastier enemies will show up. That's what happens on this site at a certain time. People will flame the sh*t out of you, the mods will delete your questions for no good reason. I've just learned not to participate too much at this time.

    2. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. You have to be damn cautious about the way you word your question, or you will be called out for using STEREOTYPES!11 If one person calls you on it, more sheeple will follow, and you'll never get your question answered. Contributing here starts to feel like a lot of work, so it's a good thing they give out those Amazon gift cards.

  • Yes of course. There has been stalkers and trolls on my tail a few times and I just stay undercover now.

    • I normally do not ask for advice but I see plenty of bad advice given to members here. I have seen people recommend calling a person for the 2nd and 3rd time while they are being blown off and the only obvious way to have a chance with them is to play hard to get. Not sure if angry emotionally disturbed desperate people should be the ones giving advice.