How many of you cash in your EP on GAG?

Have you brought anything cool on amazon?

I just got a fugi backpack.



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  • I have't yet. They don't really have any offers that interest me. The only thing I saw was an Amazon gift card and so far, I haven't been too happy with my experiences and service from Amazon.

    • I've only ordered a back pack and derma needle and both were good.

      I kinda wanted to get some throwing knives but not sure if amazon carries them.


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  • I cashed in my points, but not for a gift card or shirt or anything :)

  • I bought two posters of questionable quality. I live in Australia so the shipping costs more and by the end I have a few dollars to spend. Probably won't even bother next time.

    • You have a lot of xp. Amazon is hit and miss but you can certainly find some good iteams. I've always wanted to live in Australia! (:

    • Not really worth it if you don't live in America or the UK. Oh yeah people are much friendlier over here.

    • I use and I live in Belgium. Good quality of goods and yes, the shipping takes longer but not that much longer to me :)

  • Yea, yesterday I just actually ordered some biotin aha I wanted to buy two bottles, which was only about $13 total and it came back to be $20.32 and I was like hell nahh..shipping is so expensive dammit! I just ended up ordering one.^.^

    • Biotin. I was reading up on that, although, I think I get everything it provides via my diet.

    • Oh yeah, well I actually just bought it because I guess it's supposed to help with skin, hair, and nails, so I thought why not check it out...

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