Are most of the GAG users inactive?

If there are at least 200 000 users on GAG,why is it that almost all the questions receive so few answers and the activities of users on the live feed are going at quite a slow pace?

Thanks for shedding light on this.Just wishing for more answers to my questions. :)


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  • Yes there's definitely lots of inactive GAG accounts which is what usually happens on forums. People sign up, ask and answer questions for a while then get bored and don't come back. Some people are probably also just lurking around and not really doing anything, just browsing perhaps. But I know it can be frustrating but the benefit of this is that it's easier to control. I've been on forums before where it's extremely fast, you get replies within one minute but then there's spam everywhere and people trolling much more. Here I find that the people that do answer usually try and put thought into it (not everyone obviously) and will give good advice, something you seldom find on very active forums full of trolls and people who don't take it seriously.


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  • They may also just reading the questions and answers or reading the articles here. So, they ARE active in the sense they're logging in regularly but just don't participate much.


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  • Majority are inactive. I always see the same people around here all the time then a few unknown faces/profiles come up. I've always wondered the same about the live feed. Not sure why but those are the only people on at that time. I have 126 "friends" and at most on is 15

  • Inactivity, like the other two girls said.

    I know that people probably look at questions and just don't want to answer either...especially if it's a question that can be answered easily with a few replies.