How did you discover GirlsAskGuys?

I found this website while searching for stuff on google lol. Then I became a member and got a little addicted.


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  • Same. I Google searched (can't remember what exactly), came across this. It looked interesting, so I browsed a bit and eventually decided to register.

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  • A friend emailed (I think, or maybe linked on a forum) a post here that he thought I should answer, and so I did, and then I answered a couple more, and, well, that was about two years ago.

  • I was looking for a site that allowed for stimulating conversation among other intelligent humans, when I came across this site. I decided to hang around anyway.

    • link Don't ask me why this link is appropriate

    • Marvin just reminds you of some of the people I meet here.

  • I was looking up "nice guys finish last" on Google, and ended up getting a link to a ? ask about that on this site.

    I thought this site was interesting, so I made a profile and now I've been on for almost 3 years now! :-D

  • Found it via google when I was trying to do some research on relationships.

  • Same way you did.

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  • Such a stupid question. And why "lol"? :p

  • Its such a cliche. Stop asking this. There is a search bar on top right corner, you can look up questions similar to urs. And this is like asked 1ce in 5 days by some idiot like u. This website is not for trolling or killing time. Do something useful.

    • Okay you could of ignored this question. But I see that you have nothing better to do yourself.

      have a nice day.

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    • <3 aww

    • reported you too... maybe the same person