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How did you discover GirlsAskGuys?

I found this website while searching for stuff on google lol. Then I became a member and got a little addicted.

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  • Same. I Google searched (can't remember what exactly), came across this. It looked interesting, so I browsed a bit and eventually decided to register.

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  • A friend emailed (I think, or maybe linked on a forum) a post here that he thought I should answer, and so I did, and then I answered a couple more, and, well, that was about two years ago.

    • ok quagmire

  • Was searching for something very much related to work and I stumbled upon GAG while trying to find it and here I am :D

    I'm sure before you posted this question it must have shown you the options of other 'similar' questions ;)

    This is probably the 4th time I'm answering this lol

  • Same way you did.

  • I was looking up "nice guys finish last" on Google, and ended up getting a link to a ? ask about that on this site.

    I thought this site was interesting, so I made a profile and now I've been on for almost 3 years now! :-D

  • My story is the same as yours.

    • alright

  • Found it via google when I was trying to do some research on relationships.

  • Google. Punched "do girls like shy guys" into the search engine and it sent me here. Been here almost two years now.

    • okay

  • I was searching fo how to talk to girls if you're shy and this site was a result.

  • I was looking for a site that allowed for stimulating conversation among other intelligent humans, when I came across this site. I decided to hang around anyway.

    • link Don't ask me why this link is appropriate

    • Marvin just reminds you of some of the people I meet here.

  • same as you, googled a question that I had about myself and this site came up and I kind of got hooked on it too.

    • lol

  • I was surprised that I was the only person on a different forum who didn't believe in love, searched the question on Google, and one of the links was to this very site :P

  • Same. Some people might stereotype this site as a place where everybody puts their emotional baggage because they can't handle themselves or are losers. To me this is an important learning tool to make people better people and understand men and women more. Because out in the world people misunderstand a lot and make assumptions about the other sex that are stereotypical and not true.

    • exactly!

  • Mainly sexuality questions:

    I was once interested in knowing what it was like to feel like a female. I was curious to know if females feel the same way guys feel when orgasm-ing. I wanted to know if there was any other common body part that felt similar to what a vagina feels like (from a girl's perspective). I did some searches and stumbled across interesting answers here.

    I was curious to know if sex felt anything like masturbating (since I'm a virgin).

    But as time passed I became interested in other things:

    I became interested in learning about flirting, fashion, and dating (never dated before)

    I came to like commenting on topics like video games, music, alcohol, and other interests with other people.

    Someone started trying to chat with me via Meebo, so I have begun to Meebo chat with people who just friend me for which ever reasons.

    There are other reasons, too, but those are the main ones that come to the top of my head.

  • I was looking for a site where I could ask questions, and answer them too, and found this site.

    • alright

  • Had some dating issues and ended up here. I could relate to a lot of the issues here and could get help and give some too.

  • misc linked me this and I am continuing strong to aware all these whiteknighting betas and sloots.

    • your profile pic made me laugh

    • yeah you look it.

    • Which thread? I might have been on the same one lol

  • Same here!

  • On accident.

    • lol

  • That's exactly how I found it, too. And I found the whole concept of girls asking guys and vice versa fascinating.

  • I was looking up questions I was asking on google and this site popped up and I found it interesting

  • Someone on a forum linked to a question on here and I got intrigued and joined. Its quite addictive tbh :)

    • Addictive I won't say unless one is compulsively into (1) giving people advise all the time (2) wants to be heard (3) goodwill towards other humans :D

    • Yeah, you are right, I'm just really bored and this kills some time :P

  • This place is addictive; I wasn't sure about one girl - her actions were kind of mixed. and I was doing some random google searches on relevant topic and found this. :P

  • Google pretty much while searching for an answer to a question.

    Not going to lie though sometimes I wish I hadn't found this site xD

  • Is it true that cheesecake makes you moan? ;p

    • lol...

    • Cheesecake is like the best dessert though ;p

  • I was surfing for fetishes and found a question pertaining to mine!

    • "surfing for fetishes" lol

    • actually, my fetish lol

  • I thought it was a place where girls ask guys for sex. boy was I disappointed.

    • LOL

  • because I'm pathetic ugly and lonely and ill never get a girlfriend

    • Now that's the spirit!

    • AW COME ON!

    • what ?

  • Awesome question 5 stars I came for the free egg rolls

    • lol

  • I google I hate republicans but want to sleep with one

    • LOL

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  • Such a stupid question. And why "lol"? :p


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    • Lame

  • Its such a cliche. Stop asking this. There is a search bar on top right corner, you can look up questions similar to urs. And this is like asked 1ce in 5 days by some idiot like u. This website is not for trolling or killing time. Do something useful.

    • Okay you could of ignored this question. But I see that you have nothing better to do yourself.

      have a nice day.

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    • <3 aww

    • reported you too... maybe the same person

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