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Who are your favorite members in GAG?

Which members do you like her/his ideas,answers most?

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What Girls Said 11

  • No favorites, only people who have been here for a while (9's/10's) stand out to me. They know who they are.

  • Well one has left and his name was Habakkuk and then kheserthorpe ahah :)

  • I don't pay too much attention to who is asking or answering a question unless its something controversial

  • taster-i always looked forward talking to him. I'm very opened minded so he wasn't as much of a perv as people thought. learn quiet a bit bout people if you keep an open mind and have understanding

  • Douchebag!

  • I don't have any favorites.There are some cool people here though.

  • you of course... you are full of passionate and wear sexy glasses, oh yum

    • the man in my profil picture is not me.he is malcolm x.I'm not black and I don't use glasses

  • Robotic.. plus he's cute lol

  • I don't have any particular favorite members, but I really appreciate what the users Prof_Don and Know me yourself have to share here :)

  • 7Gnat is my favorite gag user. I like his answers when he is serious and he doesn't bore me :p

What Guys Said 9

  • <---- favorite of many

    • Not gonna lie. I laughed at your answer.

    • :)

  • LOL? MakeLoveNotWar, f*ck everyone else! Nah, I kid, I kid...

    In alphabetical order...






    sikoo31 (is no longer a registered user!)


    They all post a combination of really interesting, helpful and funny answers, so I commend them. link

    • and like I give a f***! lmao!

    • Haha! :P

  • onlyaguy, vandal (aka Hades), digitalsaint, thegodemperorleto, robotic, makelovenotwar, anonymousbastard, and too many more to name

  • Palek, for obvious reasons :P

    • He is pretty funny.

  • CasaNorba, palek, TheDigitalSaint

    • & Moloch

  • Favorite casanobra he's a real cool kat you dig? I'm the most hated user here.

    • You're not the most hated user here, *I* am.

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    • I'll be amongst the most hated again soon enough, probably.

    • What about udolipixie lol?

  • You have very kind eyes.

    • hah ha they are not my eyes.they are malcolm x's eyes lol

  • Don't have one. I like myself. You seem OK too. :)

    • thanks dude :)

  • i have huge crush on twetumzz.

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