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How do I get GaG to stop doing this?

Whenever I load the site, this shows up...


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  • just keep clicking ignore this warning


    • There were too many stories and reports about this guy for it to not be true. I have friends that I talked to for more than a year saying that he asked them to do some crazy things and that he was coming for them etc

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    • I wonder how many chicks believed him

    • Many actually...it took time for them to see his insanity

  • because it is sick of you

    • Lol

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    • AH HA! He writes stupid sh*t on my posts, he is delusional and wants to get into politics, he asks me to fork out 5 grand to come to australia, he forces me to accomodate for him. PISS OFF AJB!

    • Who wouldn't give 5000 dollars to a stranger lol :p

What Guys Said 3

  • Last week we had an issue where an advertiser caused that warning to come up, since then we have worked with google to fix the problem as well as cancelling the advertiser immediately.

    Rest assured GirlsAskGuys has no virus or threats. We apologize for the inconvenience and that annoying message you had to see. If you are still seeing the message it may be due to your browser cache which should go away soon, or you can clear your cache.

    To avoid this happening in the future we will have a longer approval period for new advertisements, especially for new companies that we start working with.

    Please see our blog post about this at the link below;


    • WO do you work for them?

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    • Their avatar says 'site admin', I'll take a fair guess that they do.

    • Thank you SO much for getting rid of him!

  • Gag finally got rid of this weirdo?

  • Never had that happen

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