"Yahoo answers" better than GAG?

Just asking!...and please don't answer if you don't have a Yahoo account.

  • Yahoo so much better!
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  • GAGs the best!
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The thing is, I just asked a question here on GAG and haven't gotten any answers, I just copied the same question on YahooAnswers and got some pretty smart answers...


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  • your point?

  • I like yahoo answers for more technical or business questions. There seems to be an older following there whom have a little more life/business experience.

  • Two years ago, GAG was paradise compared to Yahoo answers.

    The community changed and so did the user experience. There are too many mods, gift cards got raised in price, and upvotes no longer awarded points.

    Frankly you can take your pick now.

  • most search engines provide information to find your own answer where you can see actual reasoning and support for their position/answer.

    yahoo answers alone is fairly worthless

  • In yahoo answers there are a lot of spammers. I bet that they'll come here too.

  • This was asked yesterday. The trolls are migrating from YA to GaG.


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  • I like GAG more because they seem to have less spam and trolls...LESS they still have their fair share. I also like that you know what gender you are talking to (given people can lie) but it's organized in a way that for the most part you'll know if you are getting a male perspective or a female perspective.

  • GaG has it's downsides, but it's much better than Y!A. Y!A is one funny hellhole. I do use it for math homework because it's guaranteed that someone has asked the same question before, but Y!A is a hit or miss

    Many of the opinions are more realistic than the ones on here, as I feel much of the community on here is delusional and have footuptheass syndrome. But still, Yahoo is pretty crappy

  • I used to use Yahoo answers. But I like here better because you get more answers and XPer points, then you can get a prize. With Yahoo answers, you get points, but it doesn't go towards anything.

  • Most of my smart answers come from here. Yes smart answer are from Answers!Yahoo. For me, rarely if the question's polarized and serious.

  • In my opinion yes very much.

  • Well both websites are invaded with trolls.